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Beautiful Solid Timber flooring can bring a sense of style and individuality to any home, as well as a sleek, contemporary feel. Real wood flooring comes in a number of designs, each with its own distinct appearance. However, after a few years, floors require services. And Timber floor sanding and polishing is the best Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne you will ever find. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and effective services for floor installation, floor repairs, Floor Sanding and Polishing in Geelong.

Wood floor repairs

  • Your wooden floor would need to be repaired from time to time, either to remove marks or stains or to fix a floor that was laid improperly in the first place. Scratches may be sanded out with fine to medium sandpaper, but stained floorboards should be replaced because, depending on how deeply the stain has penetrated the wood, you will have to sand very hard to get the stain out, which can result in a section of flooring that does not look the same as the rest.
  • If you’ve inherited an original timber floor or want to rebuild one that was covered in carpet years ago, you’ll probably need to make some repairs. This will mean removing parts of the old wood floor and replacing them with new wood. If this is important, it is best to find wood that is as similar as possible to the original in terms of colour and form.
  • Following the repairs, the floor should be machine sanded to a fine finish, and any holes should be filled. After that, you can begin staining the floor in the colour of your choosing. Stains in your flooring can often only be found after the floor has been machine sanded or after the new finish has been applied.
Floor sanding geelong

Floor sanding geelong

Why hire a professional?

  • With the rising number of DIY shows on television, several people are attempting to restore their own wood floors, only to discover that it isn’t as simple as it appears on television. Skilled wooden floor repair firms like us have invested in the necessary equipment and preparation for the exact job you require to save you energy.
  • With no experience and using machines that aren’t forgiving can do significant harm to your wood floor and cut its life in half, it’s essential to recruit a company whose workers are professionally trained and skilled in wood floor restoration. This means that only the tiniest amount of wood is extracted during the sanding process, extending the life of your floor.
  • Hiring a professional to complete the job would guarantee a flawless finish and might even save you money; after all, it would be much more costly to attempt the job yourself, hire the equipment, order the sandpaper and finishing materials.


We at Timber floor sanding and polishing aim to provide you with the best services of Floor Sanding and Polishing in Geelong with our team of professionals thoroughly trained to meet your requirements.