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Why should I care much about the home floor? Appropriate cleaning and floor maintenance Geelong will add years to your floor. We at Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company is an Australian based floor cleaning, floor sanding Geelong, and floor polishing Geelong services; from simple tips to savvy cleaning solutions. Always remember that complete care and cleaning services will protect the home investment. Here, we offer remarkable value for money and offer a 100% guarantee satisfaction output or else we’re ready for the cashback amount.

Our aim is to provide quality work accomplishment to create a long-lasting client relationship. For that, we use eco-friendly products so it couldn’t harm children, pets, or any pregnant home member.We strive to deliver quality services to meet our customers’ expectations.We pride upon our superior services which can set us apart from our competitors.For general enquiry, reach us through contact form; we’ll respond you back as early as possible. Or you can directly call at our friendly assistants on 0469 939 227.

BUT, When Will You Call A Professional For Floor Sanding Geelong Services?

Be Sharp & notice the signs!

Do your floor looks dull?
How would I know whether the floor is dull or perfect? Just do a simple test; scratch the surface using nails and then you’ll notice that the wax comes out quickly; if you come across the same situation then you have to look for refinishing or sanding job. The moment when you found wooden  floor has lost its original charm then you should seek professional services to get back the charm.

Do wooden floor has scratches and dents?
As a responsible homeowner, you should examine your home floor whether it requires any services or not. Check out if your floor has dents and scratches and if you found scratches then you have to ask for services without taking much of the time.There can be many things which could scratch the floor like chair legs, soap, detergent, water, or pet’s nails.

Do your floor has hidden imperfections?
I accept, hidden & minor imperfections cannot harm your floor but if you think of long-term effects then itaffectsthe life of your floor. In that case, you can call an expert flooring company to inspect your floor and to achieve an expert solution.

Do you have uneven flooring?
Go through your home floor, if you found it uneven then you couldn’t ignore it for a long time as it can cause more serious issues. If you found so, then call experts to complete the refinishing job.

Benefits of Floor Sanding Geelong Services


  • It can keep the floor smooth, clean, and even
  • It maintains the charm and beauty of your floor for ages
  • Floor Sanding can make your wooden floor durable so it can last for a long time
  • Sanding wooden floors enable your floors to look new all the time. Although, for keeping the charm constant you have to properly care and maintain the floor.
  • Floor sanding can help in getting rid of the stains and accumulated dust
  • It can help in preventing allergies such as mildew or mould

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