Timber Floor Repairs Melbourne

Timber Floor Repairs Specialist – Give Life to Your Timber Floors

Wooden floors, especially timber floors add a refining and sophisticated touch to your living space. It gives your home warm and welcoming feel. However, over the years, timber floors get worn, ragged, dented and dulled – reasons can be many – daily wear and tear, stains, scuffs, and worn paint, long-term water damage, humidity or weather, damage due to fall of heavy objects. So, is your timber floor got damaged due to any of the above reasons? Are you looking for the best and effective solutions?

Well, then, you have come to the right place! We offer specialised and expert timber floor repairs services at best rates. We have an expert team of technician who has vast experience and knowledge in dealing with all aspects of timber floor repairing. Our experts will repair & renovate all types of tired and shabby timber thereby adding beauty and value to your precious living. Timber floor restoration is an investment that homeowners must look forward to. As nothing can be better feeling than sitting on newly repaired and refurbished floor and spending quality time with your near and dear one. With our floor refinishing techniques your floors will be in its new ‘Avatar’ in next to no time

What We Do?

We understand that every floor surface is different and so their treatment will differ too. Our restoration experts will visit your home to identify the issues in your existing floor. In compliance with what your expectations are, we will give about what is needed to repair your floors in order to bring its life back.

Floor repairing sounds easy, but in actuality involve a wide variety of activities, from replacing a wooden block and filling a gap, to staining, sanding, floor polishing, and sealing. We will look after all of those things and help to breathe life into your almost dead timber floors.

We can assist you with –

  • Repairing worn out, cracked and water damaged timber floors
  • Repair of scratches in your timber floor
  • Re-nailing and repairing loose timber floors
  • Repair of creak or loose timber flooring.
  • Re-finishing a timber floor that got affected due to heavy traffic or other wear

For of your timber floor repairs – Get a Quote or Call our specialists on (03 8510 1553). We’re always ready to meet your expectations at the best possible level.