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The Floor sanding Geelong is an essential process to consider if you wish to increase the lifespan of the floorboards. Every homeowner schedule for sanding their timber floor to get rid of the wear and tear that is caused to it over time. It is also considered if the homeowner wishes to change the finish of the floor. The reason may vary, but every reason has one solution that is floor sanding.

The Timber floor sanding Melbourne is a tedious process. Some people opt to do it themselves, and others choose the professional to get the desired results. Either way, these factors would have an impact on the sanding process.

· Use of machinery

From traditional machines to the latest, they have their own benefits. The use of the latest machines would be less complicated than the old machines. The efficiency of the outdated machines is low compared to the latest equipment. The quality of the sanding is also different for both machines. It is practically favourable to use the latest machinery to get the best results.

· The grit of the sandpaper

It is one of the impart factors to consider for sanding the floor. When the homeowner opts to do the floor sanding by themselves, they often overlook the requirement of the grit of the sandpaper they are using in the machinery.

They may vary from abrasive grit to finer ones as per the requirement of the floor. Disregarding this could overdo the sanding of the floorboard resulting in irreversible damage. The number mentioned for the grit clearly specifies the intensity of sending it is capable of. So, if you are doing the sanding on your own, do consider it.

Floor Sanding Geelong

· Type of the wood

The properties of different types of wood are also dissimilar. The sanding requirement of these woods also differs from each other. Some woods are touch to sand while the rest are less complicated. This would be clearly visible from the time taken to sand this wood.

So, if you have chosen the floor made of, say, mahogany, then you would experience the long floor sanding process compared to that of the oak or any such less sturdy wood.

· The unevenness of the floor

If the homeowner chooses to flatten the uneven texture of the floor along with getting rid of the wear and tear, it will take much longer to sand the floor. If they do now want to treat the unevenness, then the professional would be left with no choice but to use the hand sander to just clear the wear and tear, which is even more time consuming and challenging for the professional.

· The experience of the professional

Just like if you are doing it on your own, you may lack the experience and expertise that professionals have for sanding the floor. They can analyse a lot of things about the floor by just having a glance at it. But not every professional has the required expertise. Make sure that the Timber floor sanding Melbourne is from a reputable and reliable service provider.