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There are two types of methods for timber floor sanding Geelong that you should consider before installing.

Method 1: Direct Stick

A direct stick floor is a popular method of installing a timber floor that involves gluing each individual floorboard to the concrete substrate, or a wood substrate in older styled homes, directly. If you’re building solid wood, these boards will be both nailed and glued down to prevent the floor from cupping. Since engineered flooring does not move as much as solid wood flooring, you would not need to nail the boards together.

Why choose the direct stick method?

If you’re buying a floor that will be a permanent, long-term feature of your home or workplace, the direct stick is the way to go.

A highly qualified physician must perform the procedure. Since these floors have adhered to the subfloor with incredibly strong glue, there is no space for error, making it much more difficult to repair and replace boards that have been mounted incorrectly.

The advantage of your floor is that you can sand and paint it several times. A direct stick installation is not only more stable and less prone to water damage, but it also lasts much longer.

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Method 2: Floating

Floating floors are joined together with glue-less tongue and groove clicking systems or just glued together and laid on a bed plastic layering and foam underlay. The consistency and thickness of this underlay can vary, but it is intended to provide a cushioning effect and a moisture barrier for the floating surface.

Why choose the floating method?

This installation method is mainly used by carpet retailers who offer low-cost items. Floating floors are quick to lay, don’t require much experience, and if you make a mistake, you can quickly dig up and repair individual boards. Floating floors are ideal for short-term flooring needs.

If you don’t own the property and/or work in a high-traffic area like a shop or office, floating a floor is a great option. Because of their soft underlay, floating floors create the most footfall noise (hollow echo). When mounted in a residential setting, this can be very inconvenient. A major advantage of a floating floor is that it does not necessitate extensive preparation prior to installation.

If the sublayer is covered with paint, glue or isn’t completely level, the foam underlay may be used to cover these flaws. If there is a large lump in the concrete, it will need to be ground down; however, if there are hollow areas in the floor, most installers will simply float right over it, and it will not impact the floor’s efficiency.

In conclusion,

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