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If you are looking for a great Floor polishing geelong service , you should consider water-based and solvent-based. Water-based floor polishing is becoming more popular in homes and businesses. It’s easy to use, safe for most surfaces, cleans up quickly with soap and water and can be applied by almost anyone.

However, solvent-based flooring cleaning solutions have their place too. While they may not be as environmentally friendly as other products like water-based cleaners or waxes/polishes, they do offer some advantages over other options in their class:

Water based floor polishing

Water-based Floor polishing geelong is a more environmentally-friendly option, but it’s also more expensive and difficult to use than solvent-based floor care products.

Water-based floor powders are more expensive because water is a limited resource. Using water to produce the product requires high transportation costs, making it more expensive than using solvents.

Water used in spray buffing also needs to be cleaned up afterward, which creates additional costs in terms of time and money spent on disposal.

Many people do not realise how much time they spend cleaning up after their jobs are complete—cleaning up after using solvent-based products can take up to 4 hours!

Using solvents means you can get out quicker without worrying about having such large periods of downtime between jobs due to cleanup requirements associated with using water-based products (which takes significantly longer).

Floor polishing geelong

Solvent-based floor polishing

  • Solvent-based floor polishing is more effective than water based. This can mean that you need to use fewer products, which reduces waste and costs in the long run.
  • Solvent-based floor polishing is more efficient than water-based. It also means there are fewer steps involved in the cleaning process, which ultimately saves time.
  • Solvent-based floor polishing is faster than water based. And as we all know, time is money!
  • Solvent-based floor polishing offers a longer lasting finish than water-based. There’s no need for multiple coats or retreatment of your floors throughout their lifetime which will save you money on maintenance over time too!

Which one is best?

So which type of Floor polishing geelong finish is better for the environment? Water-based. Why? Well, it’s a lot easier to clean up than solvent-based products and doesn’t leave a residue behind. This means less landfill waste and fewer environmental impacts.

Not only that, but water-based strippers are non-flammable, making them safer for you onsite as well as offsite in your home’s garage or storage unit if you want to keep any unused product around (which I recommend doing).

Water-based products also don’t need ventilation systems in order to work properly — just open windows or doors when spraying or rolling on the product so it can evaporate properly before taking full effect. Clean-up is easy too: simply hose down floors once dry with warm water!

In conclusion, it is important to understand that both water and solvent-based floor polishes have their pros and cons. It is up to you as a homeowner or business owner to decide which type works best for your needs.

Sometimes one may work better than the other depending on how much time you have to clean up after yourself, so we encourage everyone to try out both types before making any decisions about which will work best for them!

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