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When it comes to floor maintenance there is a variety of misinformation that is around. Whether it is floor polishing Geelong and sanding people want to ensure that they end up everything in the capacity to keep their timber floor good as new. They end up believing everything that they find would be good for their timber floor.

This is how this misconception ends up around and people believe in it. But instead of making the most out of it, you would end up damaging the timber floor or overdoing it. Here are some of the Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing myths and truth regarding it. 

To Keep Your Floor In Best Shape Recoat Every 2-3 Years

Given the state of the economy, I’m hearing more and more from consumers who are being given various long-term finish maintenance programs. Do not be fooled by these tales. They’re nothing more than ruses to extort money from you.

Today’s floor coatings are tough and long-lasting. There is no need to maintain them in order to keep them in good condition. Floor sanding should be done just once every 10-20 years, depending on how well you maintain your floor. I sanded my floors over seven years ago and don’t think I’ll touch them again for at least another decade, based on how they look.

The Process Is Dustless

A contractor that claims that their floor sanding procedure is dust-free is most likely lying. With the progress of technology, there is equipment that may considerably reduce the clutter, but it has its limitations. It’s impossible to have a project that is completely dust-free. Contractors who claim that their technique is “100% dust-free and clean” are making a fraudulent claim.

Floor Sanding in Geelong

The Coating Has No Correlation With Flooring’s Durability

In fact, it’s the polar opposite. The type of finish employed determines the floor’s durability. While certain finishes are more durable than others, if properly applied, they can last for a long time. Ascertain that your contractor uses the proper amount of coats, does not mix incompatible stains and finishes, allows adequate drying time between coats, and buffs between coats.

You Can’t Sand the Floor If It Has Exposed Nails

Certainly not. This is dependent on the reason for the visible nails. For example, if the floor installation was done incorrectly or if there is a weak under layer, the nails may be pulling up from the wood. As a result, you do not need to repair the floorboards. Some unethical floor installers may recommend it in order to persuade you to put extra money away for the goods.

Whether it is installation, polishing, or Floor Sanding Melbourne, make sure that whatever you do is as per the guidance of the professional, this way you would not overdo it and end up damaging the floor. Instead of trusting all the information on the internet, make sure to tally them with your floor provider so that you can get to know the real fact behind it.