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This is a question that people ask oftentimes. It is all right to get stuck into choices like these, a dilemma can get you stuck in a situation like this. Carpet and timber floorboards are one such dilemma that people have. Carpet along with its comfort comes the snag of cleaning it, timber floor along the beauty had the requisite of floor sanding & polishing Melbourne services.

It is like a race between your heart and mind but one has to win because it is time to choose one of these. Let this blog help you through the process to finalize what to choose among these two, as weighing pros and cons always make the choice easier.

  Timber Flooring Carpet Flooring
Source Natural Synthetic
Installation A bit hard if the timber is not available in Pre-cut planks which are highly unlikely. Easy to install planks that most service providers have Easier than the hardwood floor installation
Installation Cost Depending on the grade and type of timber floor the cost varies from $25 to $80 per square meter Depending on the quality of the material the cost of carpet could vary from $25 to $250 per square meter
Durability Last for several decades uto 100 years On an average lifespan of 5- 7 years, it could last up to 15 for fine quality carpets
Moisture impact Prone to moisture damages like penetration and discolouration if not engineered wood Prone to mould growth for prolonged moisture exposure
Material Wood Made of synthetic material namely nylon, polyester, and more
Maintenance Easy to maintain, damped mopping, sweeping, wiping the excess moisture off the floor, furniture padding, sanding and polishing etc. Carpet floors are a bit hard to maintain. You can use a vacuum, steam cleaning and more but stains are hard to remove
Resale value Great impact on resale value Bad or no impact on resale value
Thickness Timber planks are available in  thickness of 8 to 22mm These floorings have a comparative lesser thickness of 3 to 10 mm
Odds- on damage Discolouration, scratches, minute wrapping Stians, trapped dust and debris, mould
Waterproof No No
Environmental Impact These are environmentally friendly Emits low amount of Volatile Organic Compounds
Health considerations Do not harbour allergen or microorganism. They improve indoor air quality Traps, dust, allergens, mould, pollutants and more
Comfort Hard and cold Warm and soft
Versatility Highly versatile  Versatile
Appearance Luxurious, smooth, glossy, classy, shiny, high-end and more Cozy, wool-like and more
Pet friendliness To a great extent Not recommended
Insulation Colder Warmer
Noise Reduction Noisier Great noise absorption

Final verdict

At last, the choice is yours, whatever circumstance you are considering must fit in some of these pros and cons. One must not forget the main factors here being the cost of installation, material type and maintenance. These floors are going to be a part of your home for years after installation so the choice is yours if you want to deal with carpet cleaning procedures or floor sanding & polishing Melbourne services.