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Sanding your office’s wooden floors can help you make a lasting impression on your customers. To learn more about commercial Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne, keep reading the blog.

Sanding the floor is a crucial step so, even tiny errors can result in severe damage and affect the finishing. Choosing professional floor sanding businesses over doing it yourself is the best option because it saves time and assures that the task is done correctly.

Delta sander

The delta sander is a specialised sanding tool that is typically used by wood floor sanding professionals to reach corners and hard-to-reach regions that the edger cannot reach. As you might expect, the delta sander is designed for delicate and detailed work, thus it’s a compact and light machine that belongs in the category of hand sanders. For faultless and elegant results, use the delta sander to reach all corners of the space and concentrate on minute details.

Random orbital sander

The orbital sander is a strong instrument that some people find overly abrasive. It is, nevertheless, the best sanding equipment for obtaining a very smooth finish on wood and efficiently removing the old finish as well as all kinds of defects and dirt from the floor’s surface. For severely worn and aged wood floors, the orbital sander is frequently employed. The random orbital sander system is the one with the oscillating pad, but it spins loosely, so it will always yield to resistance.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Palm sander

The most frequent tool for sanding a wooden floor by hand is the palm sander. Palm sanders oscillate as well, however, unlike orbital random sanders, the palm sander’s pad is locked in place. As a result, the palm sander is slightly more aggressive and strong, making it an excellent tool for removing previous finishes, grime, and other defects from the floor’s surface. Use it with coarser grit sandpaper for maximum efficiency and speed. Palm sanders also have a square edge, allowing you to sand right into the floor’s corners.

Handheld bet sander

The handheld belt sander, in fact, is the machine that will sand off the previous finish and other defects on the floor’s surface faster and more effectively than the other instruments on this list. Despite the fact that it is not as fast as a heavy-duty sanding machine, the portable belt sander gets the job done at a decent speed and produces excellent results and a very smooth surface. When sanding the floor with the portable belt sander, the more pressure you apply, the faster you can do the work.

Festool sander

The Festool Rotex is an amazing sanding tool best suitable for smaller areas and more detailed sanding, such as sanding the stairs, thresholds, and all those hard-to-reach corners and parts of the floor. This tool is capable of producing a very smooth finish. When the pad oscillates and spins with force, the Festool Rotex has multiple settings, including a random orbital setting and a geared orbital mode.

Wrapping-up: Hope you found the above information useful for your sanding process, hire timber floor sanding Melbourne for the high-quality dustless sanding. We perform the Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne job with the complete guarantee and satisfaction.