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Do you know the different types of sanders used by professional of floor sanding Melbourne? Read ahead!

Types of Floor Sanders

Several different types of floor sanders are used to refinish your floor. Your professionals can use any type of floor sander depending on the area to be covered and the cost.

Following are the basic types of the sanders that can be used by your professionals of Floor Sanding Melbourne:  

Orbital Sander

This sander includes a square or square sanding pad that revolves in a small orbital outline. The major usage of the orbital sander is for finishing as it can get rid of even the tiny materials easily.  However, sanding a floor with this type of sander could take a longer time than any other sander that we are going to discuss ahead. Also, this sander will require more sandpaper but it causes less permanent damage to your floor as compared to others. It’s easy for a square orbital sander to reach into corners other congested areas where other sanders may fail to reach.

Drum Sander

As the name indicates, a drum sander is an extremely heavy sander that requires at least two people to carry. The gigantic sandpaper belt is fitted over a revolving drum, which twirls at soaring velocity and boosts the work of sanding a floor. An inbuilt dust bag catches all the dust and dirt, although you might need to vacuum carefully after the sanding and before polishing.

These sanders are strong enough to eliminate uneven finishes and stains to smooth aggressive spots and take the floor down to a bare layer just like an untouched wood. The professionals can use this sander in the right way. But, if you are planning to use it yourself, you can easily lead to serious and permanent damages to your floor if not handled carefully. If the sander is positioned in the wrong angle and operated improperly, it can grind the wooden floor damage it on the bigger level.

Edge Sanders

Drum sanders and some large orbital sander are bulky and gigantic to reach some narrow corners. They can’t even reach the edges of the area where the floor meets the wall.  Edger sander is made especially for that. It reaches the edges of the floor and removes the surface material including dust, but it can also damage the floor if not handled properly. This may lead to creating gouges and round marks in the wood.

Vibrating Sander

Vibrating sanders are used for finishing to smoothen the wood after using the drum sander just like an orbital sander. A vibrating sander has the same size as that of the drum sander, and this sander also comes with a dust bag. Though, it’s a bit lighter and doesn’t contain any rotating belt. Instead, it vibrates the sanding pads. This makes the easy movement of the sander and allows it to cover the floor properly.

That’s all folks!

These were the types of floor sanders that are used by professionals.

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