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Almost once in a lifetime, we all have contacted Quality Floor Polishing Services in Melbourne that assure to bring back the floor charm to life. Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing is catering people around Melbourne, Geelong and nearby suburbs with floor sanding and polishing services.

We as an expert Floor Sanding and Polishing Geelong service providers have contacted the people who have taken our services so far with a feedback purpose.

Most of them are satisfied with the floor polishing job but they have a fear of ending up with the same scratches or stains on the floor in one or two years. We have consoled them with these outstanding hacks of maintaining the polished concrete floor shine for a longer period.

Tip 1. Regular sweeping & scrubbing

Once you professionally polished the floor, it becomes easy to maintain. This is because of the durability it already has with the expert’s efforts. You just need to sweep and scrub it on a daily basis. If there is high traffic in a particular room like drawing room usually has more traffic than other areas then you need to give significant attention to those corners. Our home floor is prone to spills, heel scuffs and other issues, while a low-traffic area would look perfect with regular sweeping and scrubbing.

Tip 2. Select the right cleaning solution

When you plan to select cleaning solutions for polished concrete, it becomes important to consider that concrete is a reactive surface. It means you should change the floor cleaning solutions you apply in the floor scrubber. Cleaning solutions that are made for polished concrete are completely different than those created for waxed floors that may affect your polished concrete.

Tip 3. Ensure cleaning spills quickly

Polished concrete is spill-resistant and it is not powerful against liquids. If such spills will remain on the floor for too long then they can leave stains at the floor finish. Also, untreated spills can even discolour the floor and reduce the shine.

Tip 4. Choose the effective concrete cleaning tools

If you want to keep your polished concrete floor in good condition, it is so much important to make use of the right tool and maintain the cleanliness. Here is Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, we ensure to use the chemical-free polishing system to give smoothness and shine to the floor and maintain the floor life.

Tip 5. Value your investment

Nobody would like to spend into something that isn’t worthy or result-driven. Polished concrete is completed using sealer which can make the floor look dull by the time. Also, the sealer protects the polished concrete floor from stains, it also needs to reapply for maintaining the floor shine and protect the concrete from spills.

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Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne offers high-Quality Floor Polishing Services in Melbourne and other areas. If you find a need for proper floor cleaning or polishing solutions then we can be your right address. Join with us today!