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The first thing that comes to your mind when one talks of hardwood floors are – They are expensive! Well, you are partly right. The hardwood floorboards do have a considerable cost. It is because of its aesthetic appeal, durability, longevity, strength, colour options, grade options, texture, and more. The floor sanding & polishing Melbourne service would further ensure that your extravagant hardwood floors remain in great condition for a substantial period.

But is there no way to cut some costs on the hardwood floor installation? Of course, there is you were just uninformed or unaware of it. Read further to find out how to save money on your hardwood flooring.

Shop Around

If you hunt hardwood flooring and Installation Company thinking that it will be expensive anyhow, you will end up buying the expensive one. There are various options available for the around you only need patience and an eye to find the one that fits your budget. Not just that, they would provide a similar quality like that of the expensive hardwood and services.

You would be lucky that you end up hiring the right contractor in the first attempt itself, but that is very unlikely.

Get To The Depth of Species And Grade

There are various hardwood species that you can consider – ash, hickory, maple, or oak. The shades of these would be different, which is why people prefer any specific species. There is a considerable price difference among the species.

Further, the grade would provide you variation in colour, knots, mineral streaks and other natural flaws. The hardwood with lesser visible flaws would be considerably expensive. In comparison, the common grades are considerably cheaper. So if you are a strict budget to follow, you can try to select the right combination of species and grades.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

Be Mindful

Avoid everything that causes scarring on the surface of the hardwood floor. The spills, scratches, excess moisture, discolouration and more will cost you expensive repairs if there seep to the depth of the hardwood, as sanding and polishing won’t fix it.

Further, you would also increase the period after which you would require the sanding and polishing services.

The best practices would be:

  • Clean the spills ASAP.
  • Do not pull or push the furniture (especially heavy ones).
  • Make sure to keep excess moisture off the floor.
  • Install a dehumidifier.
  • Consider placing rugs in high traffic areas.
  • Keep shoes and hells off the floor.
  • Ensure to use only recommended cleaning products (pH neutral and free from harsh).
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Choose the finish wisely (especially if you have a pet with claws at home).

Suppose you do not wish to change your floor way ahead of when it is supposed to, then get the floor sanding and polishing at regular intervals. It would keep your floors in good condition, such that the visual appeal of the floor is intact. You can also consider getting various quotes for the sanding and polishing services to choose one that fits your budget.