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For many homeowners, it’s essential to get a natural look that gives the floor an extra shine that is often lacking in flooring, and that’s where floor sanding & polishing Melbourne comes into the picture. It is popular with many people who choose to do it. 

Such a floor is arguably a great addition to any home, looking better than ever and dramatically increasing the value of your property. Such floors provide a natural and classy look compared to other types of stone floors.

  • Here are some tips to help you maintain a properly polished wooden floor and extend its lifespan. 
  • Attaching felt gliders to all furniture 

Self-adhesive and protective felt gliders must be attached to the legs of all furniture. Note the dining room chair, the most common moving element of the table that damages the floor. You can roughen the bottom of the chair legs with sandpaper, which will improve the surface’s adhesive strength. 

Flooring with entrance mats is easy to maintain, but it can extend its life with a bit of discipline. You can use rugged plastic mats that often have spikes, and they help remove sand and dirt from the soles. 

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

Vacuum regularly 

It is essential to keep the floor clean at all times. Otherwise, the sand under your shoes will act like sandpaper, accelerating unnecessarily and scouring the floor, especially in busy areas of busy homes such as the kitchen, dining room, etc. You can clean or vacuum it; it’s more convenient for the caretaker. 

Use the correct cleaning product 

Supermarket cleaners should not be used as they may leave a layer that may reject the problem later when a maintenance coat is needed. You can use the products recommended by the manufacturer. Half a cup of 

denatured alcohol can be used for half a bucket of warm water. Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne is a neutral cleaning solution suitable for cleaning all types of flooring. 

Try to avoid damage from dog claws

Most of us love pets, but we also know that pets can harm our property, so training properly is recommended. It is better to keep your nails smooth, and you can cut off your dog’s claws and round the edges with sandpaper or an emery board. Sharp edges can cause permanent damage to the floor, which should be avoided. 

Diffuse direct sunlight 

Strong direct sunlight can cause many floor problems, including premature yellowing of the floor. Direct sunlight can dry the panels in this area, causing a decrease in water content and increasing the gap between the panels. In many extreme cases, it can also lead to cupping of the board. 

It is essential to inspect and check the condition of your floor regularly; hence you should hire an expert for floor sanding & polishing Melbourne. They are specialists offering various services, such as hardwood floor polishing to extend the floor’s lifespan. Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is the best company that does all types of floor repair and laying. We have highly-qualified professionals who are fully insured and certified to do all kinds of flooring services.