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Floor sanding is a complex process that requires precision and skill. If you are looking to get your floors sanded, then it is important that you hire the right contractor for the job.

A professional Floor sanding geelong expert will know how to identify any issues with your floor and make sure everything goes smoothly. However, there are times when things don’t go as planned during the process of getting your floors sanded. Here are some signs that indicate this has happened:

Gaps in the floor

If you take a look at your floor and see gaps between the boards, it could mean that your Floor sanding geelong project has gone wrong. This can happen for many reasons.

Most commonly, it is because the gaps are too big and therefore allow you to see behind them. This could be due to several reasons:

  • The sander has not been sanded correctly. It may have had too thick of an adhesive applied, or it may have been pre-sanded (the sanding process was completed before installation).
  • Both of these situations will result in a gap larger than intended being present after installation.
  • If there is not enough adhesive left on the floorboards when they are installed or if there are no adhesives applied at all, then this will cause large “gaps” between each board and its neighbour.

Floor Sanding Geelong

The floor is still dirty after oiling it

If the floor is not properly sanded, it will feel rough and look dull when oiled. This happens because each layer of paint on a floor has to be sanded down before another coat can be applied.

If this was not done, then the next layer of paint will adhere to the old layer instead of being absorbed into the wood. If this happens, then there will be an uneven finish and no gloss or shine at all in your newly painted floor!

Water damage on the wood

Water damage can be caused by leaks in the roof, the floor, walls and basement. It can also occur if your bathroom is leaking. It may seem obvious that water damage will result from a leaky pipe or a burst pipe but what about when there is no evidence of an external leak?

Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell if there has been an internal leak unless you know what to look for.

Floor sanding geelong must be done right in order to make the floor look right.

When you are sanding your floor, you must do it right in order to make the floor look right. The first step in this process is sanding the floor. After that, you should oil the floor and clean it as well as treat and finish it.

In conclusion, floor sanding is a difficult job to do. It requires experience and skill to get the job done right. If you are looking for someone who can do this for you, then contact Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne today!

We have been in business since decades of years and know what it takes to create a beautiful floor that will last for years.