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Hardwood is the better choice for the flooring because of its durability and luxurious look but it might sound strange when you hear wooden flooring for the bathroom. The majority of people will prefer tiles, marbles, and any other flooring because it’s obvious that the bathroom is the most humid area of the house but wooden flooring in the bathroom is still possible if it is done in the right way and maintained properly. Always consult the experienced Floor polishing Geelong Company for effective consultation and advice to know which flooring works best.

There are many water-resistant wooden products available in the markets that are capable to resist moisture and steam for long years. But before jumping into the confirmation, there are few points to keep in mind if you are thinking to have wooden floorings in the bathroom.

Are wooden floorings for the bathroom really a good idea?

The answer can be yes and no both depending on how your use your bathroom space. It’s obvious that wooden is vulnerable to moist and humid places and might get damaged but with the good–quality engineered hardwood, wooden flooring is possible in the bathroom. Yes, the premium quality engineered wood is highly durable and proven safe for bathroom floorings. The proper maintenance habit will preserve the long life of the wooden flooring; it’s as simple as that.

  • You can use floating installation on the sub-floor because it is easy to replace and highly water-resistant.
  • You can use cork and other lush patterns for bathroom floorings to have a spa-like look at your home. Bamboo floorings are considered to be the most durable wood because of their tough and good water-resistant properties.
  • Make sure to have proper ventilation and an exhaust fan in the bathroom to keep the place dry because you can try to keep the place less moist as you can.
  • Use Absorbent bathroom mats on the bathroom flooring to soak water and have a habit of drying them regularly in the sun.
  • Always keep your bathroom window open in the daytime so, sunlight can dry the excess moisture and keep the place clean and fresh.

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Just a suggestion for a hardwood alternative:

Nowadays, there is plenty of wooden variety available in the market that comes in a combination with artificial wood. If you are still in doubt about maintenance and other plumbing expenses, you can have wooden flooring that is popularly called fake wood in the market terms that are made up of artificial wood and are easier to maintain with an affordable budget. You can also try wooden flooring with other floors combination to give a creative and unique look.

Conclusion: At last, if you are in love with the wooden floorings then go for the wooden floors for the bathroom, it can be a stunning renovation for the home. Wooden floorings in a normal living room also need maintenance and care but in the case of bathroom wooden floors, you might need to give extra care and attention. Consult Timber floor sanding Melbourne, the leading Floor Sanding Melbourne Company for any wooden floorings or any other flooring requirements.