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Planning for Commercial Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne

Read out the following tips before. 

Take away the Base Shoe

If your room has Base shoe, take it off and install it later. Here is the reason why: edge sanding lowers the floors and leaves the baseboard footing on a small plateau. If you think nobody will notice this, trust me, they will. The edge sanding also scrapes up the quarter-round moulding, which indicates that you have to do the touch-up work later. Eliminating the base shoe avoids both issues. But, don’t forget to remove the base shoe to avoid confusion when it comes to reinstalling it.  

There can be some exception: In case the base shoe is strongly bonded by the years of paint build-up, don’t try to take it away. In case you have new baseboard without any base shoe, leave it as it is, but expect much of touching up. 

Pet stains could be forever 

You can easily remove the stains of water after sanding the floor, but stains such as pet urine penetrate deep inside the surface of the wood that you can’t sand no matter what. You could give bleach formulated for wood floors a try, but the results are average at best & worst. All you would b left with is blotched and pitted surface. The only cure is to replace your floor or refinish over the stains and keep it as a permanent memorial. Pet stains could vary from dark grey to almost black, which look horrible on the floor.       

Tips for taking floor sanding machine 

If you are planning to going for a DIY floor installation method, think of getting a floor sanding machine on rent. A drummer sander can be used on the most of the floor, and an edge sander is useful to sand along the baseboards. 

To make sure that you get the desired results, rent it from a renowned Timber Floor Repairs in Melbourne agency. They will provide you with the high-quality and well-functioning sanding machine. All you need to do is just measure the rooms before you go ahead. Knowing the exact size of the room will help the rental store to provide you with the right sander. Prepare the entire room before you start sanding. The prep work could take a lot of time than you could estimate. Don’t waste your money on the wrong sander without doing all of this.          

How to Prep the room?

  • Plug or cover the air grilles to prevent dust from the duct. Make sure you take off the HVAC system, and less air movement is there. 
  • Takedown all the window coverings and any wall art so that they don’t get dirty and you have to spend the rest of your time cleaning them. 
  • Take down the doors because it’s not easy to sand the floor with opening and closing the doors. 
  • Nail down the loose boards for a smooth sanding experience. 

The best you can do is just hire the experts of Commercial Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne.