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Timber has been a true star of interior design for decades because it is a warm and timeless material. Also, there’s a good chance you’ll inherit a hardwood floor if you buy a house or a company. To restore it to its former glory, you’ll need to find a Timber Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne. That is when we at Timber Floor Sanding come into the picture.

Your flooring will last for generations if properly cared for; however, life happens, accidents happen, and you are unable to keep up with repairs, so even the best wooden flooring can be subject to issues. Short of being mindful of shoe wear and water leaks, there is no easy or ideal way to prevent surface scratches and gouges. These minor blemishes are caused by normal wear and tear.

This, however, can leave your floors looking dingy and dingy or even scratched and dented. It can be catastrophic if this happens! What was once lovely flooring can now detract from the room’s elegance and make it seem tired and run-down. 

Repairing Wooden Floors

Minor problems, such as slight cuts, can be buffed away with steel wool or hand-sanding, but proceed with caution! To remove the unsightly scratch, limit your sanding to the scratched area and feather it out just slightly onto the surrounding surfaces, sanding and buffing only in the wood grain direction. Using wood putty and paint on engineered floors. By experimenting with various combinations of putty and stain, you will find the one that best suits your floor. However, this can be difficult, so proceed with caution! If you’re unsure, it’s best to consult an expert.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Small dents in wood can often be repaired by pouring a few drops of water into the dent and allowing the wood to swell back into shape, but use caution. Too much water will warp your wood and do more harm than good. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a heat gun or a dense, hot cloth to add mild heat. Fix dents and spots in engineered wood flooring with an engineered wood repair kit! When the glue fails to adhere to the subfloor during construction, or if a board is weakened by moisture, these problems occur.

However, when it comes to big stains on wood floors, they’re usually watermarks caused by large spills. Stains like these necessitate sanding and, in some cases, bleaching, as well as a refinish that will better fit the affected area to the rest of your flooring, which is a challenging task. This is why, if you have a larger problem, you should seek professional help, particularly if it is in a highly visible location.

In general, 

It’s safer to leave problems like large stain removal, refinishing, large dent-filling, and large scratch removal to our professionals. Our experts at Timber Floor Sanding have the knowledge and experience necessary to work on your demands, making us the best provider of Floor Polishing and Sanding Services in Melbourne.