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Have you ever imagined that the temperature inside your house affects the wooden flooring? The majority of people don’t have any idea about how the temperature and flooring are related to each other. People think with proper polishing and sanding, their job is done but it’s the wrong mindset because wooden are reactive to temperature, humidity, and moisture. Depending on the seasonal changes, you are going to use your HVAC system for heating and cooling purpose in the home. There are many Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne companies but no one is going to ask whether you use AC or humidifier in your house as it might seem silly question because HVAC is the basic need in every house but it’s your responsibility to look out in the factors that matter to you.

Wooden floors are durable and look luxurious but they might ruin your house structure or look if you ignored the humidity changes for the flooring. House doesn’t look good that is shrunk from one side and swollen from another side. Humidity might not be the same at every corner of the house hence it results in uneven shrinking and swelling. Below are some factors to consider for wooden floorings:

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1)         It doesn’t matter whether your wooden flooring is bamboo, engineered hardwood, laminate or any other because timber manufacturer generally manufactures the wood that is suitable for stable weather. Keep your house well-ventilated and maintain a stable temperature.

2)         Wooden flooring shrinks and swells according to the weather. It’s obvious that it’s not possible to take 100% care but maintaining small habits can preserve the good condition and durability of the floor.

3)         Focus on floor installation and healthy practicing methods like leaving a few inches gap in the wooden floor installation so it can easily cover up to some limit if the floor shrinks or swells.

4)         Consult the flooring experts and discuss the factors that affect wooden floors due to humidity and temperature. Experts can assist with healthy practice and good Maintenance methods to prevent wooden damages.

5)         It’s okay to have low and high temperature occasionally but if you use HVAC systems on the regular basis, maintain the comfortable temperature that is best suitable for you and your flooring also.

It’s your responsibility to smartly look into the flooring because these things are not covered in warranties, if you fall or get injured due to a shrinkage gap, you have to fix that by yourself. It’s the pretty simple logic that is stable environment is equal to happy wooden floorings and yes ultimately happy you.

Final thoughts: As your skin reacts with the low humidity, in the same way, timber reacts with high humidity. Therefore, it is important to maintain a stable environment in the house that is good for you as well as your floorings.  Consult the timber floor sanding Melbourne for Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne services for the top-quality installation, repairs, or flooring replacement. Pass this information to your friends and other people to highlight the fact how HVAC affects wooden flooring.