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Do you have an uneven floor in your home? Perhaps the subfloor has settled after a number of years, or maybe there’s just something about that floor that makes it look as if it’s been hit by an earthquake. Uneven floors are often extremely visible, and they can be a real eyesore when not fixed. However, fixing them can be quite a challenge. You will have to remove carpets, tables, cupboards etc. and then sand the floor again to even out the surfaces. Needless to say, this kind of work is easier said than done. Clearly, fixing uneven floors is more complicated than simply buying a new rug or repainting walls; however, it is essential for the overall aesthetics of your home once you complete the process you will see a huge difference. In this blog post, we will go through reasons why you should choose Floor Sanding Melbourne-wide service as your first option to fix uneven floors.

Uneven Floors Are A Serious Health & Safety Issue

If you have uneven floors, likely, you’ve already realized that they’re a serious health and safety hazard. However, it’s important that you know just how serious of a problem this is. Uneven floors can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially if they are very noticeable and there are lots of places where there is a significant difference in height. If there is a child in your home or someone who is elderly or has mobility issues, uneven floors can be extremely dangerous. There’s a good chance that someone may trip and fall, which can lead to serious injury. Uneven floors can also be extremely problematic if you have pets. If your dog or cat doesn’t know where the trip hazards are, he or she may frequently get his or her paws (or whatever paw-like appendages cats have) caught in the gaps in your floors. This can be incredibly painful for the animal, and can even cause a leg fracture in severe situations.

Under Floors are Almost Always a sign of Rot

We have already discussed how uneven floors are a serious health and safety issue, but they can also be an indicator of rot in your subfloor. When you have uneven floors, it’s very likely that the subfloor has settled, which is a clear sign of rot. If the subfloor has settled, the top surface of the flooring will be uneven, which can be very problematic. Floors are designed to be level so that water can flow through them without building up and causing damage. If there is a significant height difference, water will be able to collect in certain areas, which is a clear sign of rot. When you have uneven floors, you must call a professional to assess the problem and fix the subfloor. In some cases, the subfloor may be able to be levelled out, in which case you may be able to fix the uneven floors yourself. However, in many situations, it will be necessary to replace the subfloor to get the flooring to a level where it can be walked on again.

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You Can’t Maintain an Uneven Floor

One of the main reasons to fix uneven floors is that you can’t maintain them. Even if you have a significant amount of money to spend on the project, it’s unlikely that you will be able to keep uneven floors. If you are unsure what this means, you can think of it in terms of painting the floor. If your floor is uneven, you will likely have to sand the surface and even it. Once you have done this, you will likely need to re-paint the floor because the uneven surfaces will reflect the light and make the paint appear uneven. Even if you have extra money to hire painters to come back and retouch the paint, maintaining uneven floors is not ideal because you will likely have to do it very frequently. When there is a significant difference in height between two sections of your floor, they will reflect the light differently. This difference in light reflection can make the paint look patchy and uneven, even if it is freshly painted.

Standard Carpet Tiles Don’t Fit on Uneven Floors

One of the first things many people do when they figure out that they have uneven floors is to buy new tile. This is a fairly common solution, but it’s important to note that standard tiles do not fit well on uneven floors. Many people end up having to cut the tiles to fit them into their flooring, which can be incredibly time-consuming and also extremely difficult. In some situations, it may not be possible to fit even a single tile in the space where the floor is uneven. This can be incredibly frustrating and can lead to a situation where the floor looks unfinished. If you have uneven floors, your best bet is to buy specialty floor tiles that are designed to fit on uneven floors. These tiles will have a design with small gaps between them that will allow them to fit together and cover up uneven surface areas.

You Need Professionals to do the Job Right

One of the biggest reasons to hire Floor Sanding Melbourne-wide professionals to fix uneven floors is that they will do the job right. This may seem like a strange reason to hire professionals, but it’s important to note that doing the job right will save you money in the long run. If you try to fix uneven floors yourself, there’s a good chance that you will do more damage than good. When you are sanding the floor, there will be a significant amount of dust. If you are not wearing a respirator or some other form of protection, you will breathe in a lot of this dust. This can lead to health issues in the future, such as respiratory problems and even lung cancer.

In this article, we have discussed 5 reasons why you should chooseFloor Sanding Melbourne to fix uneven floors can help you with this challenging yet rewarding task. When you complete this project, you will have a beautiful, level floor that will be easy to maintain. Now all you have to do is book the service and get yourself prepared for a long but rewarding process.