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What do you do to keep the floors in a good condition for a longer period? We usually mop, dust, and prefer to choose toxin-free products to keep the floor neat, clean, and hygienic. But, what if it starts shedding its originality? How will you hold the charm? Just like many other things in the world, floors to start getting dull with the time. At that moment, you need to select one good Commercial Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne to keep on the charm or extend its life.

There have been many Timber Floor Repairs in Melbourne on whom you could rely upon. However, residents around Melbourne and nearby areas believe to depend upon Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Company to do the floor maintenance work.

As a top floor sanding and polishing company, we suggest our customers go through a few initial practices for floor sanding and polishing before they knock our doors.

Let’s find out those important floor sanding and polishing preparations!

  • Initially, we will require safe and clear access to the site. Figure out whether there will remain enough parking for heavy machinery or not. If there is not enough space then you need to discuss with the people so they could prepare alternate arrangements.
  • Then, we will require floor sanding equipment, so it will become easy to make sure that there is enough lighting and electricity. Power should always be in the house not only from the job site power box. Also, make sure about water availability.
  • The next important thing is that you need to make sure about the floor area. To make the floor properly sanded and free from debris and furniture. Choose to remove the furniture together with using all the floor covering that is tacks and staples. If there are any tacks and smooth edges on the floor then you should ask for the quotation for removing it and ask for the extra cost too.
  • Choose to remove all unsealed food from the pantry and other areas. If there is any smell of polyurethane then it can affect the floor so, you need to be careful about it.
  • At last, it is always advisable for you to leave kickboards off until you complete the floor. If there is any new carpet in any of the room, it should be completed after the floor gets completely finished.

Maintenance and care

When you want to keep the floor look at its best, you need to keep on dusting and moping at least once in a week. Choose to dust more often depending upon the amount of dirt reside into the house and also depend upon the foot traffic. Swim and vacuum because it will simply remove the dirt but, not all of the dirt gets removed completely.

Turn up!

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is the residential and Commercial Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne that can help you with the floor sanding and polishing choices.