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Building a home from scratch has never been easy because it involves taking complex decisions. Homebuilding is a lifelong investment, so it’s necessary to choose every single thing efficiently and ensure it fits within the budget and needs. Among all house elements, choosing the perfect flooring is the most challenging one. Flooring is the base of any house building and the complete look depends on the type of floor you installed. There are multiple flooring options available in the market but among the plenty of options, timber wood is still considered one of the standard and long-lasting. It’s advised to choose the professional Floor sanding Geelong Company for all flooring solutions with an assured guarantee.

Types of wooden flooring:

There are various types of wooden flooring available in the market that is as follows:

Solid hardwood flooring:

Solid hardwood is basically a solid wood with appropriate thickness and comes without finishing with stains, In solid hardwood, you get the choice to modify the solid wood according to your creativity and taste.

Laminate flooring:

Laminate flooring is basically a floating wood tile with a multi-layer synthetic layer covered by a transparent protective layer. . It is easy to install and maintain. It can be easily cleaned, so they are stain and scratch-resistant.

Composite wooden flooring:

It is basically known as engineered wooden flooring and comes in a wide variety of options according to needs and requirements. Its features can be modified according to needs such as slip resistance and many more. Composite wooden flooring is widely used in commercial and residential projects.

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Parquet flooring:

Parquet flooring is usually a combination of solid and engineered composite wood. Though it can also be 100% pure wood. On the other hand, composite wood consists of a combination of different wooden layering.

Bamboo flooring:

Bamboos are the most durable and efficient material that is naturally derived and eco-friendly. It is derived under high pressure of heat and compression to convert it into hardwood and make it suitable for flooring options.

Cork flooring and many more.

Cork is mainly derived from the peeling of bark trees. It’s useful in providing heat insulation and also helps in preventing sound.


Some important things to ensure while choosing to floor for your house:

  • Wooden flooring type.
  • Prefer the standard wooden brands for the life-long experience.
  • Choose a suitable shade that matches your home.
  • Consider texture that is comfortable
  • Proper finishing.
  • Check for guarantees and warranties.
  • Installation and maintenance.
  • Certification


Bottom line:

Hope you found our handy guide beneficial in choosing the perfect timber floor for your house building project. Choosing the right flooring is very important as it adds the extra touch and value to your home hence, never compromise with the flooring quality as it is the thing which you have to preserve life-long with your home. Call timber floor sanding Melbourne today for the best flooring suggestions at a competitive price.