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The timber floor is a house luxury that lasts for over a century. It even is part of the family heirlooms, making it the signature choice of floors for the family’s houses. It has to be taken care of to keep it good as new until the time comes for its replacement. Apart from getting the floor sanding & polishing Melbourne on a regular interval, these floors need daily care and maintenance.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

Here are tips to take good care of the timber floor to support them surviving all the weather without any adverse impact and damage.

  • The timber or the hardwood has a different impact as per the weather of different seasons. It shrinks or expands when exposed to the temperature and moisture content for a prolonged time interval. The care starts with the installation of the hardwood planks. If you fail to leave the room for expansion and contraction of the floorboards due to weather changes, you may observe cupping, crowning, buckling and so on.
  • Ensure that you get the installation done by a professional with experience in floor installation and a good review of previous work.
  • The next thing after the precise installation is the regular care of the floor. Vacuum or sweep the floor daily; it would keep the dirt, dust and debris off the floor.
  • To get the stubborn dirt off the floor, use a perfectly damped mob to get rid of anything left even after the vacuuming or sweeping. It would restore the shine of the floor back, which was affected by dust and debris.
  • Use the cleaners wisely. The cleaner can be harsh for the hardwood, given the need for Balancing the PH. You can consult us regarding the suggestions of specific cleaners for your cleaning requirements.
  • Keep everything off the floor that can scratch the polish and blemish the appearance of the floor—dirty footwear, pointed heels, pets nails, pushing and pulling the furniture and more. Make sure you take care of each of these to keep the floor scratch-free.
  • You can strategically place the mats and rugs, so whenever anyone enters the home, tend to use the mats and rugs to keep the footwear clear. Cut the nails of the pert regularly. Install the paddings of the furniture that would eliminate the direct contact of furniture to the floor. Make lifting and shifting the furniture a rule for life.
  • Take extra care for the area facing higher traffic regularly to eliminate the chances of discolouration in the area. If you are throwing a party or having guests over for the festivals, make sure that you try to reduce the traffic exposure to the floor by placing mats and encouraging more outdoor activities. Ensure to address the spills immediately to avoid staining.
  • Last but not least, inspect the floor for the requirement of floor sanding and polishing to address the wear and tear caused to the floor over the years till the previous one.