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When one ignores the flooring concerns, they end up adding more damage to it and making it worst and sometimes irreparable. So better that the problem is recognised on time are dealt with by taking the professional floor sanding Geelong services. Complete the overall look by also getting the flooring polishing done.

Wood flooring is a very exquisite part of the property. They are very much prone to wear and treat, stains, discolouration, wrapping, buckling, cupping etc. Indeed they are durable but these could happen over a long period. They need to be taken care of just like every other component of the property. Need not worry Timber floor sanding Melbourne services are here for you to address all the flooring issues.

Here are some of the flooring problems that need to be taken care of before the damage worsens.

●    Exfoliated finish

One may find flaws in the finish when there is an excess accumulation of residue on the finish. It may seem to peel sometimes. These are the hints that the floor finishes trying to give you. Apart from the age of the wood and the need for repair, this finish peeling can also be caused by improper sanding or inaccurate coating of the finish. To make the finish brand new get the floor sanding done.

●     Uncommon gaps

Humidity and dryness affect the wood just like different characteristics of water and ice. Expansion of the wood due to excess humidity increases the tightness among the wood planks. Dryness induces gaps between the planks. This creates a possibility of movement of the wooden planks due to traffic. Apart from all these, the gaps that do not seem to be normal are the ones that need to be corrected. These irregular and noticeable gaps make the floor look ugly. Get the experts’ opinion about how to deal with these gaps.

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●     Debris accumulation in finish

This is the problem that one faces when the floor finish is left to dry. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind when the finishing is not yet dry. Wiping the room thoroughly to make sure it is clean from dirt and dust. One must take care of all the possible ways fibre stands could end up on the finish and last but not least before going for another coat of finish and the floor to make sure no debris gets trapped between the coats.

●     Fractures

Woods can easily produce cracks when not giving the required attention when nailing, drying in the kiln, damaged edges and more. These crack can appear like a fracture on the flooring. The most unlikely thing one wants to see when they walk on the floor. This could be addressed by fixing the fracture professional or by replacing the fractured plank.


To deal with the damage on time it becomes necessary to recognise the damage in the first place. Above are some of the problems that are mentioned. There are more problems too that need attention. If unfamiliar with it get the tips of maintenance and damage recognition from the Timber floor sanding Melbourne service providers.