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We pamper our walls a lot then, why not to think about the floor that tolerates lots of traffic daily. Have you thought about it once? When had you taken Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services last? It probably had a long time.

We, Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company are here today to let you know the importance of Floor Sanding and polishing. We are known as a top-most Floor Sanding and Polishing Company Melbourne that offer full-fledged services to keep your floor in a good condition. However, timber flooring is a product manufactured from timber with a purpose to provide a warm and easy feeling to the people.

  • Choose timber flooring that constructed with more than 1 wood layer
  • It can even be 2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers to around 11 layers or even more
  • Most of the market is 3 layers and also above 5 layers
  • Basically, it is an odd number construction and it could never be an odd number.

The wood flooring category

Depending upon the guideline, wood flooring can be categorised into two main categories which are prefinished and unfinished. Let’s take a look into these both categories concisely.

  • Unfinished

Unfinished simply means the surface of timber flooring that comes with natural look and delivery straight to the site. The sanding and coating, everything will be done on the site. However, the coating that is used in the procedure is water-based.

  • Prefinished

On the other end, prefinished means the timber flooring that comes with finishing on the surface and delivery to the site. However, there will remain no sanding and coating request on site as all the coating done in the factory. Prefinished floor coating is nothing but UV coating.

Solid wood flooring vs. engineered timber flooring

Solid wood flooring comes up with a single wood plank and it is natural and relatively less manufacturer procedure. Engineered timber flooring is a construction type that made up by a top layer, bottom layer and core layer.

Choose flooring type and install it in the home

Solid wood flooring and engineered timber flooring that provides a natural look. You can even choose the flooring type to design the home. Solid wood flooring is limited to the above-ground level installation. Unlike another solid wood flooring, engineered timber flooring can be easily installed anywhere in the home besides the bathroom.

  • Warm comfort

Timber flooring keeps your feet warm during cool days and cools on warm times. After the installation, you could just take off your shoes, feel relaxed, and experience the incredible feeling of natural hardwood flooring.  

  • Walking comfort

Even without wood flooring, you could not expect a secure life, be we talk about living lifestyle or in the sense of sports. Walking on the wooden floor could make you feel relief.

  • Sensual comfort

Hardwood flooring is warm in every way, be it physical or psychological. There will remain an aura of warmth and friendliness, and it could be the texture and the colour of the wooden floor.

Connect with Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company to fulfil the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne requirements and also get some easy guidelines about how to keep your floor in a better condition.