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No matter what type of finish you have, sanding is always recommended. We at Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, offer our experience and a well-trained specialist for floor sanding in Geelong will only contribute to the clear improvement of the floor by getting rid of patches of finishing and other imperfections work and it is the best way to add protection from the inside and not just the top.

Reasons why floor sanding is beneficial:

If you are no longer sure why Best Floor Sanding in Melbourne is beneficial and how much it can do for the improved look and condition of your floor, here is a summary of some of the most popular benefits: 

Sanding gets rid of all imperfections: Not only does this ensure an improved look for your floor (often as flawless as brand new) but it also reduces the risk of these imperfections getting bigger and more serious. Saving in this way you’re all the energy, money, time and that comes with repairing hardcore wood floors and completely replacing your floor.

Prepare wood floors for finishing sanding: Sanding is a necessary step before refining and opens up the pores of the wood, so the sealing protective product penetrates the entire structure. 

Sanding is required before staining: If you are not happy with the colour of your wood floor, or If you think the original colour can be more fresh and intense, staining is a good solution. However, staining can not occur without the sanding process, so it will remove all the imperfections of the wood and emphasize it instead of hiding them. 

Sanding can occur more than once: If there is solid wood or engineered wood floor, sanding is not a one-time treatment of a lifetime, which means you can enjoy a brand new looking floor in almost its entire existence. 

Suitable for all types of timber floors: This is very important to discuss because many Engineered wood and laminate are one and the same thing and engineered wood cannot be sanded. Far from the truth, engineered wooden boards are topped with hardwood laminate (top layer) and can be sanded 3-4 times, depending on the thickness. 

No messier and no more stressful: Floor Sanding in Geelong is one of the processes that required a lot of planning and preparation. Needed, but nowadays it happens within a few hours when the disruption is minimized and you don’t get any sawdust and mess.

A cure is worth a pound of cure: No all the damage appears and not every possible source of damage is clear. Sanding not only removes existing damage but also prevents the appearance of new ones. Understand a little better, which means you can consider it and plan it for your wood floor. However, always remember that wood floor sanding is not a DIY project and should be delivered by our reliable, experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Summing up,

To get beautiful timber flooring, try a valuable and highly effective Floor Sanding in Geelong from a very reputable and reliable Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne company for providing freshly sanded floors.