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The act of timber flooring installation Melbourne needs to be done in every building with a wooden floor. A well Affordable Floor Sanding in Melbourne will complement any décor and makes the interiors look luxurious. A well-kept floor requires more honour than one that is carpeted. Whether you have a wood floor, sanding will further bring out the best.

Hand-Scraped In Order To Create

The platform of timber flooring enjoys considerable popularity among consumers is that it offers so much variety in terms of stain for nothing but the best. Further, some flooring is evenly planned at the mill so that you get a refined and smooth surface.

Thus, on the other hand, there are hand-scraped ones where the plank is hand worked in order to create a seasoned, contoured surface. It is mainly done for the idea of giving a lived-in impression. The same variety can be found in the sphere of stains as well. This flexibility works actively in favor of this particular form of flooring.

Wood Brings Out The Natural Elegance

Timber flooring enhances almost any decorative scheme- it’s merely a matter of finding the right kind. The dense grain of hardwoods is excellent for a country style, but for a contemporary look, tries using thin planks of pale beech. Once installed, wood can be sealed clear or stained to bring out the natural elegance of the grain and the characterful knots. Varying the types of wood or the choice of stain or evident seal creates an infinite number of pleasing combinations and the surface can be sanded and refinished as the flooring wears.

Install the floor as a right stick, floating, plank on ply, using an AcouBond system, or using joists/ battens to name a few. When weighed up, you are able to determine the more suitable method of installation.


Our preferred and the most commonly accepted method of installing a timber floor in Melbourne is a direct stick. This is where our boards are glued directly to the subfloor resulting in a tranquil floor to walk on. Glue is trowelled onto the floor, and the boards are laid directly on top. It is a powerful and permanent method of installation.


Installing a timber floor as a floating floor involves using a thin high density on underlay. The boards are not glued or fixed to the subfloor; instead, they are stuck along with the tongue and groove on all sides. The floor literally floats. This type of insulation is commonly used for cheaper wood or timber, having an inferior quality image.

End-up with summary,

Further, each method of timber floor installation Melbourne has apparent benefits. And overall we do prefer Affordable Floor Sanding in Melbourne on premium timber floors as a direct stick. It is by far the more suited method of installation for our product and ensures for a secure and quite level to walk on.