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Everyone has a dream to have a polished floor that looks amazing at every glance. You might have seen your relatives or friends house floors sparkling and thought of getting renovation or floor sanded. But there are certain criteria to be kept in mind whether to get floors totally, replaced, renovated or sanded. It’s important to get your flooring work done by the professional Floor sanding Geelong company that has years of experience in handling floor sanding and polishing works.

Floor sanding mistakes to avoid today itself:

Using wrong grit paper for sanding

It’s very important to use the high-quality grit paper for sanding work as the whole sanding performance is depended on how fine the sand paper is.  If the sand paper is used before, then it is better to use the new sand paper for the precise sanding and good texture. Though it depends upon the duration that when was your floor sanded previously.

Not sanding enough on the floor surface

Floor sanding is usually the complex job so, it’s always better to get the floor sanding jobs by the experienced company to get the work done faster and efficiently. It’s tougher at the beginner when it needs more efforts removing the entire flooring layer but once it’s done, the process becomes much easier.  Perform sanding sufficient until you see the clear surface for the best results.

Not performing sanding diagonally

Every companies has the different methods of sanding that is some while perform  sanding randomly, while some might perform sanding in a horizontal manner. Sanding horizontally and diagonally makes the job done perfectly because it covers entire area of the floor surface.

Floor Sanding Geelong

Sanding the floor corner and edges

The majority of people also sands the edges and corners of the house, actually sanding the edges is a complicated job because it involves to sand the corner by putting efforts. But actually leaving the corners and edges unhanded gives the better look to the floors to give a unique contrast to the floors. It is also good idea if the edges are slightly sanded, it will give the light and dark combination with unique recreation.

Not changing the sufficient sand paper

This is one of the biggest mistakes that floor sanders do. Changing the sanding paper is important to get the floor efficiently sanded from every side. It can affect the quality of the sanding work and durability of the service. So, it’s better to invest in the sanding paper to make your service durable. Changing the sanding paper while sanding job will transform your floor into admiring beautiful floor.

Bottom line:  It’s obvious that your timber floors will need to be sanded and polished after the particular time. Keep above points in mind before you go for any sanding or Floor Polishing Melbourne services. Hire timber floor sanding Melbourne for the world class flooring services at the budget-friendly price. We are the experts with years of experience that will help you to suggest with the best flooring plan and services to preserve your flooring for longer years.