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Floor sanding Geelong is one of the essentials that every homeowner with timber floor opts for on a regular basis or requirement. It is but obvious that there are certain queries that one would have in the mind that they might have thought getting the answer to from the experts.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Timber floor sanding Melbourne process and their answer from experienced experts.

  • How many layers of wood is sanded?

The amount of wood removed when your floors are sanded back is determined by the extent of the damage; if there is a lot of serious damage, more wood will need to be removed. During the procedure, however, just around 1mm of wood is sanded back.

This means that if you have high-quality engineered flooring with a thick top layer, you can sand it down several times throughout the course of its life.

  • What are my options for the finish?

You have three options for the finish of your flooring after they’ve been sanded back: gloss, satin, or matte. Remember that you don’t have to stick with the original finish – you can get a different look when you feel so. High gloss surface tends to show dirt and might wear unevenly, which is why most people choose satin or matte finishes.

Timber floor sanding Melbourne

  • How to prepare for the sanding and polishing process?

If you prefer to have your sanding and polishing done, we’ll make every effort to reduce the mess to a minimum. To make the process easier, close doors to other sections of the home and cover nearby furniture with blankets. The time it takes to finish may vary depending on the size of the project, but you can expect it to take three to four days. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be careful walking on the new finish for the following several days.

  • How often should timber floors be sanded and polished?

The beautiful thing about high-quality floorboards is that they’re really resilient, so sanding and polishing need to be done every ten years or so. Of course, if there is considerable damage, this may need to be done sooner.

When you feel the need that you must get rid of the dullness, scratches, stains, or so from the floor. You can hire floor sanding and polishing services at your convenience.

  • Can the old wooden floors be sanded?

Customers are frequently astonished at how an old wood floor may be converted into a fashionable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting highlight of their house. With minor floorboard repairs, replacement, and staining, even flooring ruined by time, timber borers, and past disastrous renovations can be recovered, then why not old wooden floors. When it comes to flooring, polished wood floors are frequently a more affordable and healthier option than carpet.

If you have any such queries in your mind, feel free to ask away the expert at your Timber floor sanding Melbourne service provider. They would not just answer your queries but provide you with the right advice too.