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Floor refinishing is a vital part of floor maintenance, no matter how high-quality your flooring is, it will definitely require professional flooring service after a certain year. Preserving the beauty of the floor is an essential part of home décor because the beautiful floor always catches every visitor’s attention. The reputation of a home depends upon how efficiently you handle the flooring. Spills and stains are normal in day to day life if you have kids and pets in your home. The life of flooring depends upon how much effort you put into flooring maintenance. It’s important to have enough knowledge of floor sanding Geelong to choose the right maintenance option.

If you are planning to have floor refinishing then don’t forget to consider these factors, keep reading the blog till the end!

1) Choose your floor guy smartly

The floor refinishing depends on the floor guy you choose. Make sure you don’t compromise in choosing the flooring expert. Get your flooring job done by an experienced person to be 100% sure. Also, it’s important that the flooring guy you choose knows how to use all the tools and equipment. An industrial sander is a powerful tool and if it’s not used in the right way, it can remove too much layering of the floor.

2) Know whether you need full floor refinishing

It’s important to know the floor condition to decide whether you need full floor refinishing. If your floor is in good condition, then it can be also improved with screening that includes light finishing and sanding. You might have heard the experts talking about the screen and poly jobs and sometimes “maintenance costs”. So, take expert advice to know whether you need full finishing or just light sanding and screening.

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3) Plan your move out

Obviously, when you plan floor refinishing, you will need to vacant the place completely to complete the finishing project hassle-free. The speed and efficiency of the floor finishing project depend upon the weather condition and the quality of the product used for the process. If it is a full refinishing project, it’s likely to take 3 to 7 days to complete the entire project.

4) Think about suitable colour

Choose the right colour that blends with your flooring shade, if your floor shade is dark or rich in colour then most probably the floor staining would have applied. So, in case if you are going for full floor finishing project, the stains will be removed and you will lose the actual shade of the colour. So, if you have made up your mind to experiment with the new flooring shade then you can go for white, grey or chocolate brown.

5) Don’t forget the baseboard

Focus on the baseboard, if you hired the flooring guy and you have chosen the full refinishing then painting might not cost extra cost.

Floor refinishing project needs to be carried seriously with proper planning as it could be expensive if not done properly. At timber floor sanding Melbourne, we use high-quality machinery for dustless Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne services. Give your floor a perfect look by hiring us today.