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Do you want to know why many commercial buildings have hardwood instead of the carpeting? Well, you are in the right place. Let’s read the following and know why you should hire quality floor polishing services in Melbourne right now.

Hardwood or Carpeting?

When it comes to making a huge commercial space for your employees, choosing between hardwood and carpeting is a true task. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Carpets can be a bit difficult to maintain as they require regular steam cleaning and daily vacuuming. Also, they are prone to get stained and ay tear if not handled carefully. You can’t put anything heavy on the carpet as it can tear out easily and even if you are putting it, you have to be careful with that.  Also, carpets don’t even cancel the voice. Therefore, if your office includes heavy traffic, it will bother the person in the below floor. This could be a negative aspect of your company’s respect and work culture.

Hardwood, on the other hand, is easy to maintain as only single sweep and cleaning can remove dirt, dust, and stains like magic. Unlike carpets that need to replace after a few months of usage, hardwood can be restored with professional Floor Sanding and Polishing in Geelong. Even if you have old wooden flooring at your office or store, it can be restored with the help of experts such as Timber Floor Sanding. Therefore, hardwood can last for years without having any need to re-install it.

After the restoration, your floor will look as good as new. The professionals will take care of the scratches, stains, dirt, and any wear & tear. The best part about the floor polishing and sanding is that you can pick any type of staining, colour, and pattern that matches the theme of your commercial building.

With timber floor, you can make any commercial place look incredible and appealing to the customers. This is enough to brighten up the mood of everyone present in the space. The wooden flooring also is an indication of your taste and class.

Maintenance & cleaning

After a proper sanding, polishing, timber or hardwood floors are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and on-time repairing are enough to last your floor for years. Carpets, on the other hand, are not easy to clean. You might even have to pay ma huge amount to the carpet cleaners as well for removing any stains or spills. Also, with carpet in a closed space, it’s obvious to get mildew or mould.

If your carpet tears, you need to buy a new one, but with timber flooring, all you need is a little touch-up of floor sanding and polishing. Carpets are also breeding ground to many bacteria and germs if the stains, water, or dust not cleaned properly. This can lead to many respiratory diseases. But with hardwood, this is not the case.

Also, your employees might not be as careful with the flooring as you are. They might not care what’s happening on the carpet or the timber floor. That’s why having something sturdy is always helpful, and hardwood is the best option for that.

So hire the right quality floor polishing services in Melbourne.