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If you’re lucky enough with timber flooring, you have a floor that can knock you out! However, some years of scratches and discolouration and many years of wear and tear, indicating that the condition of your floor has deteriorated.

There is a comfort and visual appeal when you hire a reputable Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne company for timber floor sanding Melbourne, it will give you confidence about the floor sanding process, quick and efficient service to restore your stunning floor to its original lustre. 

You need to have a clear vision that helps you differentiate all the legends properly in order to achieve your goal in the process. Sharing some common mistakes people make, you know how to avoid them!

Myth 1: Floor sanding is easy to do for everyone

If you are one of those homeowners who have not yet hired a floor sanding specialist because you think anyone can carry out the task. In the process of floor sanding, many stages, it seems quite easy to sawn a timber floor, however, you lack the necessary experience and equipment to sand every type of floor. A better option is to hire Floor Sanding and Polishing Company Melbourne who have  experienced sander who knows how to restore a past glory with minimal difficulties.

Myth 2: Dustless floor sanding means no need for cleaning. 

Unlike traditional approaches where sanders come with dust bags use a vacuum system up to sander, generating high suction power to quickly remove rough and fine dust particles from the floor. The dustless timber floor sanding Melbourne process can get rid of more than 97% of the dust, so steps still need to be taken to protect against the rest. As such, while dustless floor sanding reduces the workload and clutter that comes with the project, it does not mean that it will be 100% dust-free.

Myth 3: Nail visibility? Time for new floorboards

Just because you see a nail lifting from a wooden floor doesn’t mean you should start sourcing to install new floorboards now. This can happen for several reasons, for example, as the foundation gradually progresses over time, the nails will move forward. So, we will arrange a producer to carry out before floor sanding is to bring the exposed nails back into the wood.

Myth 4: Professionals are not needed, DIY works well. 

First of all, when it starts with the goal of saving money and challenging yourself, the difficulties and frustrations of ending DIY floor sanding are not justified. 

Second, safety measures are also considered. This includes everything from the control measures put in place to handle a large amount of dust and heavy machinery generated during the process. For example, due to errors, it may need to be repeated immediately and in some cases, you will need to reinstall in 2-10 years, using 7-10 years or more as close as you have achieved. Moreover, our skilled sander is always at hand to provide the entire Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service.


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