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If you ever wonder why everybody is going for polished concrete floors nowadays, this guide is more than useful for you.

Read ahead find some useful information about polished concrete flooring.

What Exactly is Polished Concrete? 

Polished concrete in Melbourne includes heavy-duty machines to grind down the concrete surface to the desired point of shine and smoothness just like sanding.

Where can you use concrete polish?

Retail stores

Big warehouses and its outlets

Restaurants & Hotels

Commercial buildings (offices)


Auto showrooms

How can Polished Concrete be beneficial?

People are choosing Polished Concrete in Melbourne such as homeowners, big-box stores, retailers, medical, and educational facilities because of the competitive advantages of polished flooring offers over other flooring materials.

Benefits for Residents:

Longevity: Polished concrete flooring isn’t as fragile as other flooring materials and doesn’t need frequent repairing

Cost-effective: when the slab is used on the grade as a floor finish, traditional floor covering is not required.

Easy to clean: Can be cleaned in just one swipe and don’t let the dirt, dust and allergens to settle on the floor.

Benefits in Commercial areas:

Cost-effective: The floor hardly requires repair or maintenance for commercial stores including offices.

Better resistance: The high traffic areas are safe to be used and walked on as the floor provides increase resist ace even with the polished finish. This also saves time and money as there’s no need to wax the floor times and over again.

Longer service life and less maintenance: It’s easy to clean the polished floor with a mop and vacuum cleaner. Plus, you don’t need to go for messy waxes and coatings as its durable polishing last for months.

Moisture Resistance: Polish of concrete involves numerous coatings that prevent moisture to get deep inside the floor and cause problems.

Reflectivity highpoint: All those buildings that want to project clean, bright, and professional image such as hotels, restaurants, etc. find polished concrete floor useful and attractive.

All of these benefits can be achieved by the professional enterprise of Floor Polishing Services Melbourne like Total Floor Sanding & Polishing.

Types of Polished Concrete in Melbourne


You can add colour to the concrete floor with stains.

Plain Gray

Pain and uncoloured polished concrete suits many people’s choice in commercial and industrial areas.


Get more vibrancy with a dyed concrete floor in the fastest way.

Polished Concrete Overlays

Get the aesthetically pleasing flooring with polishing flawed concrete floors. These flooring types are more in demand than ever as polished overlay are economical and provide the elegant look in less price.

Scored & Patterned

Cutting, engraving, scoring, and stencilling are only a few ways to polish the concrete floor by providing it with a customised pattern. For the projects where multiple colours are required in the polished concrete floor, this type of method is used to design a specific pattern.

Now that you have come to the end of this guide, why not contact Total Floor Sanding & Polishing to hire concrete polishing company in Melbourne.