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Timber flooring has been the choice of the majority of homeowners nowadays because it gives a luxurious lifestyle at a budget-friendly price. In ancient times also, timber wood was widely used as the interior decors in palaces and historical places as the symbol of royalty and luxury living. When you are planning to buy a home or build a new home from the beginning, it is recommended to consult the reputed Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne company to maintain finishing and good condition of the floor for a longer time.

Should you opt for timber floor sanding?

Even the best flooring may begin to cause problems after certain years like scratches, dust, debris, and many more. You should sand your wooden floors if it is dirty with dust or have painting coats on the top surface. It’s always a wise choice to hire the best Floor sanding Geelong Company to get rid of uneven wooden shade of floor. Floor sanding makes the floor look brighter and newly furnished.

The life of wooden flooring depends on the thickness of the timber. It is advised to get floor sanding done every 10 years after the installation to maintain the durability and brightness of the timber floor.

Benefits of timber wood floor sanding:


  1. It makes the floor brighter, shinier, and beautiful.
  2. It helps in the complete removal of dust and stubborn stains from the floors.
  3. Floor sanding strengthens the floor and makes it durable hence, making the floor last for hundreds of years.
  4. Floor sanding helps in comfort and provides warmth to feet in cold weather.
  5. After floor sanding, cleaning and maintenance become easier.
  6. Floor sanding makes the floor allergen-free and helps in the prevention of mould, pollen, and other bacteria.
  7. Floor sanding makes the floor extra smooth and clean.
  8. Floor sanding add value to your home and maintains the beauty of the floor for years and years.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

What kind of sander is best for floor sanding?

There are various sanders in the market that can be used for the efficient sanding process. There are two proven sanders that are widely used and known for the best sanding i.e palm sanders and random orbital sanders. Palm sanders are small in size and light-weighted whereas a random orbital sander is the best suitable for a bigger sanding area because of its astonishing pattern and it removes more material hence giving smoother floor results in less time.


Cost of floor sanding

The floor sanding price varies from company to company. The professional floor sanding service usually costs $1.5 to $4 per square foot that involves refinishing the entire hardwood floor and sanding the top layer of wood efficiently.


Conclusion: Though floor sanding can be performed by DIY methods by owning it’s better to leave the flooring problems like stains, scratches, dent-filling, and many more up to flooring professionals for the guaranteed and satisfactory service. It doesn’t matter whether you have used engineered hardwood or beech wood, always consult the timber floor sanding Melbourne to get the world-class consultation related to all flooring issues.