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Timber floors are a long-term investment for the homes as they bring in aesthetics, longevity, durability, value, and so much more to your home. The Timber flooring that you see in some historic homes are still looking fabulous and has more left to offer in upcoming years. The credit of it goes to the floor sanding & polishing Melbourne, which gets rid of everything on the timber floor that is affecting any of the above aspects, especially longevity.

Here is how to ensure the increased longevity of your timber floor.

Proper Floor Installation

Let us begin with the first important step that would affect the entire lifespan of the timber floor that is floor installation. A hardwood floor can last for over a century when installed properly. There is various consideration to make when installing the timber floorboards, namely humidity and moisture¸ subfloor, manufacturers’ instructions and more.

Buy Good Quality Wood

Good quality wood comes at a good price. If you are going for the cheapest or cheap option, you would definitely save a substantial amount of money but would you would lose some years in the lifespan of the wood. The collective coat, over time, becomes seven more than your one-time investment in good quality wood.

Do Not Vacuum With the Brush On

Today, vacuum cleaners have a dedicated attachment for cleaning timber floors. Apart from making it a habit to clean the hardwood floors, do ensure that you are only using the dedicated attachment of the vacuum cleaner only.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

Prevent Fading

Timber flooring gets damaged by prolonged exposure to the direct ultraviolet (UV) rays which may enter the home through doors and windows. This cause fading and an uneven appearance of the timber floor in those parts. If you have the curtains or blinds installed, make sure of them anytime when the direct sunlight hits your floors. These would shield your floors and prevent them from fading.

Take Professional Help

Once in a while, getting your timber floors sanding and polishing by professionals would help you get rid of anything that is affecting the appearance of the floor. These services are available at affordable rates and are proven to be effective in increasing the longevity of your timber floor.


One of the major culprits, when it is about the damage done to the timber floor, is moisture or humidity. With moisture variations, timber floors boards go through variations too by soaking or getting rid of the soaked moisture. It is recommended to install a hygrometer to monitor moisture levels in your home apart from installing the dehumidifier.

Minimise Wear And Tear

As per the Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne specialist, if you want to increase the longevity of your timber floor, minimise the daily wear and tear, especially in high foot traffic areas. Also, if you are sure of the high traffic, make sure to choose the wood type accordingly. This would aid in minimising the wear and tear.