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Winter is a season of celebration and holidays. People gather to celebrate while it keeps snowing outside the house. We are unaware of the stress that the timber floor has to face due to the changes in the weather, increased traffic, the melted ice residue and so on. Surely sanding and Floor polishing Geelong could be a great help for the floors.

To get rid of the wear and tear caused Floor Sanding Melbourne is done. It would keep the damage to the floor and the polishing would give a fresh finish to those aesthetic floors. This cold season would demand some extra care for the timber floor.

Here are some of the tips that would help you with it.

1.   Keep The Pets Clean

Timber floors have a lot of dangers from pets. Scratches, pet urine, dirt, mud, pet dander and more. Which results in dullness, stains, and allergies. Train the pets to get rid of their habit of urinating anywhere in the house. Put mates at the places where your dog is likely to enter the house.

Clean their feet often to get rid of the dirt that might be there. Vacuum the house regularly to get rid of the pet dander.

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2.   Increase The Use of Door Mats

Winter comes with unexpected rains, entering the house with wet feet or footwear is the last thing you want to do. Timber floors do not have a great friendship with the moisture. They absorb the moisture and bulge up; the integrity of the wood can also be affected by moisture.

The mats would keep the wetness of the footwear away. The footwear laden with dirt could not just make the floors dirty but also would keep the footwear from scratching the floor. Yes, you heard it right.

The presence of particles in the dirt is highly capable of scratching the floor upon walking. So, ensure that everyone uses the mats that are at the entrances. It would be better if you keep the footwear off the floor.

3.   Take The Regular Cleaning Seriously

Winter is the season when you are prone to getting a cough, cold and flu. It’s the weather change that would affect you. Upon having a cold, allergies likely get triggered. The presence of allergens, microorganisms, dust and must spores could be the reason.

The sensitivity of the body towards all this increase in the winter hence the need for cleanliness also becomes a necessity. Vacuuming the floor regularly would keep the dirt, debris, pet dander, and more off the floor.

Using a mild cleaner, the one that is referred by the timber floor service provider is appropriate. It would get rid of everything on the floor including the microorganisms, allergens and leftover dust and debris. Use of a properly damped mop is highly recommended. As excess water on the floor could affect it.

If the floor finish has been affected get the Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing done to keep the hardwood protected and good as new.