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If you own a wooden deck and are looking to repair it, you may have heard that Floor sanding Geelong is an important step in the process. But why is this? Sanding is different from staining or painting, which simply covers up the surface of your deck with a new coat of paint. It actually removes material from the wood, making repairs easier and improving the overall strength of your deck.

Reduced splintering, chipping and cracking

By sanding the floor, you are removing loose grain that can lead to splintering and chipping in addition to contaminants like dirt and grime. Additionally, floor sanding helps ensure a smooth surface for primer and paint so that your repairs aren’t ruined by unsightly cracks or chips down the road.

Floor sanding Geelong will help smooth out any surface imperfections that could cause paint to chip away at a later date. This is especially important if you’re planning on painting your floor—once the paint dries, it’ll be much more likely to chip off if there are any small bumps or lumps in the wood.

Promotes Uniform Appearance

Floor sanding is a great way to get a uniform appearance. Though it may sound like an odd thing to do, floor sanding your deck can help even out the color and texture of your deck. This will result in a more professional-looking finish once repairs are made.

Floor Sanding Geelong

Improved moisture resistance

Performing floor sanding on your deck before making repairs is a smart way to prevent the chance of moisture damage and other issues. Wood that is left unpainted or unfinished can absorb moisture, which can damage the wood and lead to rot.

This is especially true if your deck has been exposed to rain and snow over time. By performing floor sanding before making repairs, you will help improve the durability of each piece of lumber in your deck and make it more resistant to weather conditions.

Exposes Damage

If you’re repairing a deck, floor sanding can uncover hidden damage to the surface. This can save you money and time by ensuring that repairs are only made where they are necessary.

In addition, many finishes like polyurethane or oil-based sealers need to be applied to clean surfaces in order for them to stick well and perform their functions properly. Floor sanding gives you a clean surface on which to apply your finish of choice with confidence that it will bond well with your wood. It also makes it much easier for an experienced painter or stainer (someone who has been trained specifically in these crafts) because they won’t have to work around any uneven patches of paint or stains already present on your deck’s surface.

Improved adhesion of new finishes

The first thing to remember about Floor sanding Geelong is that it evens out the surface of your deck, making it smoother. This gives new finishes a better texture to adhere to and improves the durability of your repairs.

You can also use this time to remove any old finishes that you don’t want anymore. For example, if you’re applying a new stain or paint colour after removing an existing one with sanding, you might not need to use primer on large sections where there are no chips or scratches on the wood’s surface.

If you have a deck that needs some repair work, then performing floor sanding is the best way to go about it. This process will not only make your deck look better but also last longer by protecting it from moisture damage and other issues that can arise due to poor maintenance or lack thereof. Contact Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, who has a better technique for restoring damaged floors.