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Polished concrete floors are a significant investment, the focus of your home or building, and when completed, they will be permanent fixtures. It takes a lot of work to make and then polish a concrete floor. Floor polishing Geelong is expected to last for over 100 years under regular use. It’s not cheap, but it’s very cost-effective, especially when compared to other types of floors that have a minimal lifespan. 

It may not be appropriate without modification if you are starting with an old existing cement floor that was not initially poured for polishing. There is also another flooring service like Floor Sanding Melbourne which will repair and level the floor whereas floor polishing will add shine to the floor and add its value and this is the main difference between them.

Floor polishing geelong

Importance of hiring an expert for polishing your concrete floors:

  • Most quality concrete polishing companies are more than happy to give you a quote on the cost and time it would take to do the job; it is worth getting a few quotes and finding out what guarantees they offer. 
  • This means although you have no control over the colour and the design of the floor, you would probably be able to save money and have a very durable and original floor. By involving a professional Floor polishing Geelong from the beginning, you can be assured of the best result. 
  •  Make sure everything is ready for the cement floor specialists. The prime contractor installs a structural floor with the necessary insulation reinforcements in many modern construction technologies. The plumbing contractor installs and polishes pipes, wiring, or solar thermal pipes as needed. Install a concrete floor of the correct type and combination required for polishing for best results. 
  • When polished floorers pour the suitable concrete floors, they need power floating to ensure a smooth and uniform finish, especially on the sides and corners. The more attention you pay when pouring concrete, the smoother and better the surface will be, and the less need for grinding and polishing. 

Polishing concrete floor is difficult for an inexperienced handyperson. It’s very different from sanding a wooden or parquet floor.  The process of polishing 

concrete is very similar, whether you start on a new floor or an existing floor. 

These high-speed floor Floor polishing Geelong are challenging to use can be dangerous with inexperienced hands and can be challenging to know when to use a compactor for best results hence you should always choose the expert. Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is the best company to refurbish your timber and is an expert in giving all necessary flooring services with advanced tools and technology. Our expert team is doing this work for more than 10 years and will do everything to put back your floor to pristine condition.