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When it comes to Floor sanding Geelong, one primary factor will affect the whole process. The condition of your floors. If you want your timber flooring to be restored back to its original state, then you must take care of it from the beginning. This article will highlight some important points to consider when looking at the condition of your timber floors.

Timber Flooring Type

The method used to sand a floor depends on the type of timber flooring. For example, parquetry flooring needs to be sanded differently than normal hardwood and engineered flooring. Professional floor sanders will select the most suitable technique to sand the flooring evenly based on the age, finish, and condition of the parquetry flooring.

If there are gaps between floorboards, they must be filled, which again requires more time. The professional floor sanders will also make sure that the final finish is smooth and flat, without any bumps or dips. This is achieved by using a high-quality sander and finishing with a suitable abrasive paper.

Old Stains

Old stains can be tricky to remove. If you have an old stain, we take a few steps to ensure our floor sanding process will remove it. First, we sand the stain using our rotary machine and then use a stain remover on the spot. If this is not effective, we may need to sand again and repeat the process until the stain is gone. Once we’ve successfully removed all of your Floor’s old stains, we move on to polishing your floors!

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Timber floor Damages

When it comes to Floor sanding Geelong, the procedure is impacted by defects to timber floors, such as extreme wear and tear, gaps, cupping, crowing, and buckling that require additional sanding.

Unevenness in wooden floors is brought on by deterioration of the wood, such as cupping (raised edges), buckling, peaking, and crowning (raised centre). Therefore, experts in timber floor sanding will begin by sanding those areas flat.

Before sanding the Floor, they will occasionally replace the damaged hardwood plank with a new one if the damage is serious or in situations where it is not advised to sand.
If you choose to continue with the sanding and ignore the unevenness, it will take more time because the floor sanding experts will use a hand sander.

Also, keep in mind that moisture is primarily to blame for these damages.

Timber Floor Species

The type of wood used for your floors has an impact on the time, cost, and procedure of floor sanding. Not all types of wood are good candidates for sanding. The hardest and most time-consuming timber species to sand are Jarrah and Mahagony, whereas Oak, Pine, and Walnut are simpler and take almost no time at all.

Floor Layout

Without a doubt, the layout of your floors will impact how long and how much it will cost to sand your wooden floors. Floor sanding Geelong and finishing require more time and money. The more rooms there are and the larger they are. Before you start the sanding process, talk to our floor sanding expert and request estimates.

It is important to have your floors in the best condition possible before starting the floor sanding process. This will ensure that you get the best results and that the process goes as smoothly as possible. If you are unsure of what condition your floors are in, we suggest contacting a professional timber floor sanding company like Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. They will be able to assess your floors and advise you on the best course of action.