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Floor sanding is a simple process. All you need is a sandpaper or buffing machine and you are all set to send your floor. How hard could it be?

Many people opt to sand their floor without any professional help and end up regretting their decision.

If you are planning to do floor sanding in Geelong by yourself, you might need to read this blog and find out whether or not you should leave it on professionals.

So let’s read the below reasons now!

Proper Equipment

The biggest reason for hiring professionals is that they have a set of equipment that makes sanding and polishing easier. You might get rental for sending equipment, but they are not as perfect as the professional tools and equipment. Even if you have the best floor standing equipment, using it and using it in the right way is the biggest challenge.  Let’s take an example of a floor buffing machine:  you are using get evenly on the entire floor.  But, there are some parts of the floor where they are stained and scratched. Such areas are needed to be sanded accurately. So while using your machine, you are giving an even sanding touch to the entire floor but the areas where sanding is needed the most are missed. Because of this, your floor is left sanded and even.

Removing the old floor finish could be tiresome

Before you even start your spending process, you need to first remove the old floor finish. This is the part where many people find out that this is not going to be an easy task. You have to scrap out all the old finish including multiple layers of polishing without damaging the wood. To remove the old finish, you need to have deep knowledge about it that at what extent should you scrap and where should you stop. Leaving any old polishing behind can ruin your floor and removing excess finish can damage your food. Therefore, if you do not have complete knowledge about it, don’t take a risk.

You might damage your floor

In the above two points, we saw that having less for a few knowledge about floor standing can damage your floor to a bigger extent. You might have been doing get to save your money but doing it wrongly would make you end up spending twice the amount you were saving. Using equipment could be easy but not taking all the precautions can damage your floor or even break a plank. In such situations, you need to re-install your entire floor.

With hundreds and thousands of online tutorials, people are going for “do it yourself” slow sending procedures. This is damaging many floors and ending up resident spending thousands of dollars on floor repairing or installation. So, be on the right side.

Hire only professionals such as Timber floor sanding Melbourne who will take care of sending process as well as polishing and your wood and will provide you the Best Floor Sanding in Melbourne.

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