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Many people have misconception that bamboo is a wood like other timbers but technically it’s not correct. Bamboo is very much similar to wood but it’s not a wood, it’s actually a grass that grows faster. Bamboo is a unique species of wood that is soft as pine too and harder as maple too. From the ancient times, bamboo is widely used in the home decoration and construction works because of its durability. It is used for making stunning home decor items such as sofas, traditional bed, doors and many more. Though raw bamboo can’t be the good choice, it needs further processing to make it durable and convenient for the industrial use. Hard wood floors may need Floor Sanding Geelong Company for time to time polishing and sanding while bamboo is harder than the normal hardwood and has the great scratch resistance property that is harder to scratch. Especially a bamboo is strand-woven, it becomes even tougher.

Benefits of bamboo floor:

1)      It offers the tremendous green and grainer pattern in the home

2)      It is easy to install.

3)      It can be easily clean by regular sweeping and mopping.

4)      It is the best flooring option for pet owner.

5)      It is cheaper and lasts up to 25 to 30 years easily.

6)      Bamboo floorings are termite resistant so, you don’t have to worry about termite growths.

7)      It is the best renewable resource and stylish perfectly to install in kitchen and other areas because of its 20 hours spill protection.

8)      Bamboo can be easily refinished and sanded and customized efficiently.

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Bamboo floorings can give the green and lavish look to the home because of its green colour and versatile nature. It offers the extra-ordinary and rare look to the home. If you want to experiment unique and different from others, there is nothing wrong in choosing the bamboo as the flooring.  It is eco-friendly and naturally obtained grass that can be the best ever addition to the house décor and floorings that never goes out of the style. It can help in planning renovations and other decorations within the budget and in a beautiful way. Especially if you live in moist areas, bamboo has the better moisture and the scratch resistant property as compared to other hardwoods.

There are plenty of flooring choices and designs available in the market. Bamboo can be the better choice if you love green and less expensive flooring.  It is usually grown under the ground hence; it has better moisture resistance property. It can easily last up to 25 to 30 years with the cheaper and low maintenance cost. At timber floor sanding Melbourne. We specialize in all types of floor polishing and sanding jobs using advanced tools at the budget friendly cost. For any Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne requirements, call us today.

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