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Every floor needs to be sanded every 5 to 10 years depending upon the condition. If you have a pet or kids inside your home, your floor is most likely to have scratches and other stains. Floor maintenance doesn’t need to be difficult and stressful, it can be easily maintained with minimal cost.  Everybody desires to have a scratch-free and beautiful floor. Having scratches and stains on the floor can degrade the impression, no matter how attractive your house interior is. Regular Floor sanding in Geelong will help in effortless cleaning and helps to save time from regular cleaning. There are many ways by which floor sanding can be kept low-key and minimal but it completely depends upon the condition and use of your floor. There are also many climatic factors that affect the appearance of the floor.

Keep on reading the blog to know about the essential tips of floor sanding projects!

You never know how basic little things matter in flooring projects. Small things lead to perfection so, it’s always better to give attention to the small things rather than regretting them later.

1)      Avoid direct sunlight

Continuous and heavy sunlight can dull the appearance over time. It doesn’t mean you have to keep your doors and windows closed. Floor sanding can be time-consuming and might take up to few weeks depending upon the condition. It’s fine to have sunlight in the early morning time but prefer closing windows in the afternoon time when the sun is heavy and hot.

2)      Don’t forget to pad the furniture

Make sure you deliberately move the furniture and other stuff outside the room. Prefer lifting of furniture while moving things from one place to another. Using a furniture pad will help to prevent scratches and other accidental damage while floor sanding. Furniture pads are easily available at various offline and online stores. It can be a great investment and useful while move in, move out and other flooring projects.

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3)      Use mats at every door and entrances

Small good habits can contribute to maintaining the floor clean and stain-free. Use mats at every door and entrance to prevent unwanted dust from entering the house. Generally, most of homeowners have a habit of wiping their feet before entering the house. Mats will help to prevent the floor from mud and other stains.

4)      Regular cleaning

Brush the floor regularly with a soft brush. Sweeping and mopping is the basic cleaning that everyone follows regularly. Regular cleaning will help to get rid of daily dust and stains occurring in day to day life. In case of any stains, always prefer to clean it with a damp soft cloth rather than leaving it to clean later.

Small good habits help to maintain a clean and scratch-free floor. Every flooring will need sanding and polishing after certain years. Hire timber floor sanding Melbourne for the A-one Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne services. We renovate the floors and strive to restore their original condition with our flooring expertise. Keep the above points in mind if you are planning for floor restoration projects.