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When someone says summer, your brain would be like ice cream, friends, family, vacation, pool time, parties, get-togethers, night outs and more. It is all fun time spend with friends and family. This may sound really fun, but it is surely a nightmare when it comes you your ravishing timber flooring. Sometimes you would end up getting the Floor sanding in Geelong to get rid of the impact is caused due to the increased traffic in the house.

Well, summer also means the rising temperature. It is one of the most important factors that have a direct impact on timber. Our floor sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne services would surely aid to keep the floor in the finest condition for a longer period. Let us dive in and find out what all one need to take care of when the summer comes and your house has the timber flooring.

  • Along With Rising Temperature, Minimize the Direct Exposure of Sunlight

The factors that have a direct impact on the are timber planks is heat and sunlight with the increase in temperature the size of the planks. Do not freak out if you have a newly installed timber floor and it is the first summer. The floor would swell minutely; it is quite normal. What is not normal is if you could see cupping of some of the timber planks. That could spoil the visual appeal of the timber floor.

Prolonged exposure of the floor to direct sunlight would bleach or fade away the colour of timber plank. Blinds would not only keep the indoor temperatures regulated but also would save the timber floor from the impact of direct sunlight.

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  • Keep Check on The Humidity Levels

The rise in the temperature results in an increased amount of humidity in the air, unlike winter, when the air is dry. The high temperatures seem to hold more amount of moisture, making the surroundings more humid. The humidity is a big no if you want to extend the good texture and condition of your timber floor for a longer time.

As the moisture content increases in the timber planks undergo expansion and contraction. The plank would end up cupping. Keeping the levels humidity would be the real floor saver.

  • Keep The Wet Feet Off the Floor After Getting Out of The Pool

A nightmare that every homeowner who has timber floor installed at home wants to dodge is the wet floor. The timber and moister has never been friendly with each other. Imagine you noticing someone running into the house after getting out of the pool to grab refreshments. You would be freaked outright. Make sure that you provide strict instructions to keep the wet feet off the floor.

Along with it, try and place the mat and rug strategically at the entry points to the house where you feel the chances of someone entering the house with wet or dirty feet is higher.

Apart from it, if your timber floor has been through a good number of summers till now, it is wise to get the floor sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne services to get the same finish back that it had upon new installation.