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Dogs are the most adorable pets that you can have at home and hardwood is the most desirable flooring that you want to have at home. A combination of these both is nothing more than a bad experience. Dogs’ urine consists of water and other dissolved harsh chemicals that can easily damage the hardwood floorings. Sanding and Floor polishing Geelong is a sure and effective way to get remove the damage done by urination to the hardwood floor.

Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing surely is an effective method to getting rid of the damage but is there any other method that can help you to get the dog’s urine out of the hardwood floor as soon as you realise? Surely are. Here is a list of some of the methods that can help you with it.

Urine Cleaners

Have you heard of it? If yes then great you already know what to do. If no, then there are a variety of cleaners available that are designed and formulated specially to remove urine for the timber floors. Either you can buy them from the stores or even order online. Before you use any of the cleaners make sure that you first take the advice of your timber flooring provider so that you do not harm the floor further.

Floor Polishing Geelong

Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide

It is one of the most effective remedies to remove any kind of stain from the floorings. The use of hydrogen peroxide is simple, you need to soak the area of the hardwood floor affected by pet urine with the help of a towel soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Try this remedy only if when you first scrubbed the affected area with a tissue and the damage didn’t seem to wear off. You can also add baking soda along with hydrogen peroxide to make the cleaning more effective. This method is effective but can result in discolouration eventually you need to get the floor sanding and polishing done.

Prevention is better than cure

Train the dog to not urinate on the floor. It is essential as; you make wipe off the urine from the floor if you see your dog urinating. This will prevent the floor from damage. What about when you are not around or not watching your dog? It is situational that cannot be always controlled by you so make sure that your dog is well trained in urination at specific places and not on the floor. Even when moping the floor make sure that it is perfectly damped to not elevate the damage further.


Finding the best company that can provide the best Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing services is the ultimate rescue for you. Refinishing the floor with not just get rid of all those urines patched but make the floor look brand new. The remedies may be of a lesser cost but cannot be as effective as refinishing. It also comes with added benefits along with treating the damage done by urine.