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Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne services often face questions like should I watch out while cleaning the floor regularly? Do timber floors lose their charm when not mobbed properly? Does properly taking care of the floor cleaning increase its durability? How to know if I am damaging the timber floor while cleaning? What are the dos and don’ts of cleaning for timber floors? The list is endless.

Let us put this curiosity regarding the cleaning of the wood floor to an end. Here is what Floor polishing Geelong service professionals have to say about the cleaning criteria of these floors.

●     Regular vacuuming

Keeping the floors is a necessity not just to keep the floor look neat and tidy but also to nullify the health issues. Here is to all those homeowners who have a habit of cleaning the floors daily. One could use regular vacuuming for keeping these floors clean. The process would be more effective by adding a soft head brush to the vacuum. This is it. It won’t damage the polish, won’t make it dull or anything.

●     Less is more when using cleaners

A cleaner is a point of concern as far as timber flooring is concerned. They are capable of doing more damage than cleaning the floor. Using cleaner, using harsh cleaners, choosing cleaner with inappropriate PH etc. could end up in a disaster. The best thing to do here is to ask the flooring service provider to recommend the cleaner that would not end up damaging the polishing of the floor.

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●     Mopping correctly

Water does not have a very good relationship with timber floors. We are well aware of what moisture does to it. Apart from using the diluted cleaner, mobs need to be used properly. The damped mob is not bad for the wood floor. Make sure that there is no standing water on the wood floor. Apart from using the well-damped mob keep an eye on the floor to wipe off any excess moisture.

●     Leave those heels at the door

It is a part of precautions rather than cleaning, with the sharp and edgy footwear comes dirt and debris on the floor. The requirement for floor cleaning increases as nobody wants to step into the dirty floor right. Scratches can also damage the polish of the floor. Heels can be sharp at times and induce scratches on the floor without you knowing. This could look ugly when scratched from heels keeps on adding over time. So better to keep the footwear off the floor.

●     Take utmost care while addressing the stains

One could get annoyed by the stain and could rub harshly to get rid of the stain. Using a larger amount of cleaner makes things worse. In the end, you may have removed the stain but you surely would end up damaging floor polish. So hold yourself back and relax before dealing with the stains.

Bonus tip!

Furniture pads are your best friend, trust me. They would keep the floors and furniture edges away from each other. Do not worry about slight furniture movements while cleaning the floors. As you have protected the floor from scratches. Need any information or tips for cleaning do not hesitate to call your Floor polishing Geelong service provider.