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Hardwood floors are a luxury that every homeowner dream of. The aesthetic appeal, the shiny finish, the stain that perfectly blends with the interior, durability, and whatnot. They indeed are a worthy investment for the home. This beauty needs maintenance too. Floor sanding Geelong is what saves it from looking dull and aged.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne are the ultimate rescue plan to keep the floor looking great. But the question is how to know if the floor needs refinishing? Well, here are some of the hints that the finish of the floor would give you.


One of the visible and easy to detect signs is scratched. They are a result of dirty footwear, heels, pet nails and any such sharp surface that the floor got exposed to. Even pulling and pushing the furniture, imperfect door fitting that allows it to slide over the floor and more.

Reasons can vary but the result is the searches on the floor that are visible upon reflection or directly. An increased number of scratches especially in the high traffic areas distort the finish in such a way that the area affected could be the spot from a distance.

If you find such scratches in the house, it is surely time to refinish those floors and make them flawless again.

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Fading And Discolouration

Dullness, faded finish, discolouration in the heavy traffic area and any such sort of affected area needs to be addressed. You do not want your guest to spot any sort of discolouration on the floor. It is bad for the resale too.

So, if you spot any discoloration, dullness, or added floor finish then it is time to give the floor the shine back the one that it had upon installation. It would breathe in rejuvenation on the floor that would be reflected in the whole house.

It Did Not Pass the Water Test

All you need to do is grab a spoon, fill in some water, pour that water on the floor. Wait and see if the water seeps into the floor or not. If yes, surely the floor needs refinishing. The water can seep in the finish only if it has space for water to let it in. This is possible only if the integrity of the finish has been affected.

Leaving the floor like that for a prolonged period would adversely affect the hardwood by exposing it to anything that falls on the floor along with the moisture and humidity. Make sure that on a regular interval you have your hardwood floor pass the water test at a different area.

The finish in the areas of the high traffic may be affected, while in the rest of the part it is not. So, test it in different areas.

Within a fixed interval it is necessary to get the Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne done. Not just to make the floor look good but also to keep effectively protecting the hardwood from the damage due to water, moisture and humidity.