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We all are so much concerned about choosing the flooring material. And nothing is wrong in that because most of us think about a long-term investment instead of shorter span or temporary base services. These days, most of the people prefer the timber floor installation Melbourne as a priority.

Before you search on the Affordable Floor Sanding in Melbourne we, Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne wants to share a guide that can be your good help.

Many of the professionals and non-professionals don’t even know the difference between solid and engineered timber flooring. Are you one of them? No need to hesitate if you have no idea or limited idea about both of these materials.

We are here to clarify the difference between these both. So please bear with us for a few times.

When you are choosing a timber floor, most of the people are quick in the case to make a decision based on the wood type, length, price, and the colour. But they usually overlook whether they would be perfect with the solid form of timber floor or engineered.

Such a decision will highly affect the lifespan of the floor. It is important to include the durability and the time it will take for the installation process.  

Let’s take a look about the solid timber flooring!

It is a traditional style hardwood floor which is a solid form of wood. The style of it is so common if you have ever noticed the older homes in Australia. It comes as a raw product but it will give your floor a completely unique look. The main perk of the installation of it is, it can be reinstalled and polished for so many times which can make it a long-term investment.

The material will expand in humid conditions and it will be contracted in a dryer period of time. For the manufacturer, it is a true art that can make it a perfect solid timber look. If you want to minimize the expansion and contraction after the installation you need to contact the experts.

The experts will usually take it as a process that can help in balancing the timber to reduce the movement once you install it. If you find the wood dried too much or too fast then it will become brittle and it will lose the aesthetic look of it. On the other end, if you have found the moisture in the board then it will expand and contract.

Why choose the solid wood floor?

  • They can be easily cleaned
  • It gives a premium look and feels
  • It has a smooth surface with no edges
  • Maintain easily
  • It will make you feel warm
  • It can be last for a long time
  • It can be sanded and polished many times

At last, for the need for timber floor installation Melbourne it is a good way to approach Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company.