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Wooden floors have always been an evergreen fashion as compared to all floors. Every flooring has seasonal pros and cons, and so the timber floors have.  Even after taking proper care and maintenance little scratches on hardwood floors are common, It’s crucial to give attention to the signs and know when to get the floor refinishing. Remember not to try to hide scratches by reapplying stain, since this will change the colour of the hardwood floor. Consult the expert Floor sanding Geelong Company to refinish the floor on time.

Large scratches and dents

Small dents and scratches are common things in a house of children and pets. However, if the damage spreads and the poly coat penetrates the wood itself, there is only strong sanding deep enough to obtain an undamaged surface. As soon as the scratches penetrate the tree, the floor becomes vulnerable to flooding. 


You might have seen the wooden plank bent downwards or a concave shape at the edge, it is known as cupping. Cupping can also be a sign of water damage. This type of damage is generally caused by spills and drips. Moisture is the main reason of cupping. Sanding works well for slight cupping, but if the planks stick out or separate, you will need to replace those individual planks. 


It can be risky to walk on the hardwood floor with barefoot if there is debris or a sharp opening on the wooden floor. It indicates that the sealant is worn and the underlying wood is damaged. Sanding is the only way to overcome this damage to restore smoothness. Sealing and coating can be helpful to seal the affected part. 

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Gray board

The gray floorboard is mistaken by the majority of people but it is generally the sign of flood damage. Note that once painted, these old gray planks should look brand new, but it can be difficult to restore the blackened planks because it can be only fixed with replacement.

Water stains

Dirty floorboards are a sure sign of flood damage. Easy and quick wiping of spills can prevent most water stains, untreated pipe leaks, air conditioner drips, and pet accidents, but it is inevitable that hardwoods will get dirty over time. It might require post-treatment to expose and protect the clean wood underneath. 

Fading and Discoloration

Too much light or sun can cause discolouration of the floor. With constant sunlight, the wooden floors lose their original colour and result in fading and discolouration. If you notice fading or colour changes on the floor near glass doors or windows, repainting can help to restore a uniform shade.

Hardwood flooring are well-known for adding significant value to a home. They may add character and warmth to any room, and they can be customized to meet any style. However, installing hardwood floors is only the beginning of the process; you must continue to monitor and care for them to avoid a high number of scratches, darker stains, and other marks that could potentially damage them. Hire timber floor sanding Melbourne for any commercial and residential flooring Floor Polishing Melbourne requirements. Share comments and ideas related to floor refinishing in the comment box.