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A Timber flooring has become a favorite choice of people nowadays, but with time, your floors also age like you do, but you can restore its condition by opting for our service of Floor Sanding Geelong. Below are some of the ordinary hardwood flooring repairs:

Split or Cracked Wood 

Timber floors can grow small splits or cracks in the surface over time. Spot repairs may be made using angled nails to hold the two pieces together and wood putty to conceal the blemishes. However, if your floor has big gaps, you should consider refinishing it with professional services like us. If the split is especially serious, you should probably replace the plank entirely.

Gaps in the Planks

The formation of gaps between planks is another common hardwood floor issue. Mother Nature is the most common source of differences between the boards. When wood dries out, it shrinks, and when it gets damp and hot, it expands. The most common cause of gaps is constant expansion and contraction over time, which is why most gaps are seasonal in nature. Patience can be the best course of action for you.

As the weather and temperature shift, the normal phase of things will begin to close gaps. If the difference is less than the thickness of a dime, your flooring is normal, and you shouldn’t be concerned. If the holes continue to annoy you, you will need to employ a professional to tighten up your hardwood floor, so they don’t become a problem.


When the boards warp and rise up from the subfloor to which they are connected, the result is a buckled floor. Once you’ve determined what’s causing your buckling, you’ll need to take professionally required steps to ensure that your hardwood planks are securely attached to the subfloor so that the problem doesn’t recur.

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Cupped Floors

Cupped boards, also known as wash-boarding, form over the wood strip’s width as the hardwood planks’ edges rise and the middle of the board falls. A moisture difference causes cupped floors because more water is on the wood plank’s bottom side than on the top.

The only solution is to get your home’s humidity levels back to normal and allow the surface time to heal. Once the floor has healed, you can get it sanded flat and refinished to perfection by our qualified, trained specialist.

Warped Hardwood Floors

Sagging hardwood floors, also known as warped hardwood floors, is a significant issue for any homeowner. It’s usually the product of severe moisture issues, so any signs of warped hardwood floors should be handled right away. Warped hardwood floors are usually the product of defective hardwood or installation, but they may also be a sign of broader moisture issues in the home that need to be addressed.


It is advisable not to swing away with the DIY tricks if the problem is serious because only an expert can handle this. We at Timber Floor Sanding have been working as the best service provider of Floor Repairs Geelong.