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Refinishing distressed hardwood floors isn’t a job for the faint of heart, but with the right tools and supplies, it is possible. Talking about the right techniques, we at Timber Floor sanding Geelong pride ourselves on being committed and having years of experience in the flooring industry. We believe the first step in refinishing a hardwood floor is sanding it. Here, we’ll look at the various types of floor sanders and give some advice on how to get the best results.

Different types of floor sanders

For refinishing hardwood floors, there are many different types of sanders. Both of these machines can be rented at your local tool rental store, which also sells sandpaper to match each machine.

1) Drum Sander

Drum sanders are massively heavy devices that are normally carried by two persons. A broad sandpaper belt fits over a spinning drum that spins at high speed and sands a floor quickly. Drum sanders have enough strength to strip finishes and stains, smooth out high points, and sand the floor down to clean, untouched wood. If you’re not familiar with this type of machine, you can easily damage your floor and make it permanent if you’re not careful. If the sander isn’t set up correctly and controlled properly, it may leave deep grooves and valleys in the wood. Therefore hiring us is always better than a careless DIY plan.

2) Orbital Sander

A circular or square sanding pad moves in a small orbital pattern on an orbital sander. Since they remove so little material, orbital sanders are mainly used for finishing. While sanding a floor with an orbital sander takes much longer and requires more sandpaper than sanding with a drum sander, an orbital sander is less likely to damage the floor permanently. A square orbital sander can hit corners and other hard-to-reach areas that a big drum sander can’t.

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3) Vibrating Sander

Vibrating sanders, like orbital sanders, are mainly used as a finishing sander after using a drum sander to smooth out the wood. A vibrating sander is similar in size to a drum sander, and it comes with a dust bag. It is, however, much smaller, and instead of a revolving belt, it uses a vibrating sanding pad. This makes moving around the floor in smooth passes much easier. Vibrating sanders, like orbital sanders, are less likely to damage the floor than drum sanders.

4) Edge Sanders

Drum sanders, vibrating sanders, and certain large orbital sanders are too large and heavy to reach into corners and around room edges where the floor meets the wall. The edge sander, a large, hand-held sander with an orbital sanding pad and a built-in dust bag, comes to the rescue. An edge sander is as effective as a drum sander at removing surface material because of its weight, but it can damage the floor if used incorrectly, creating gouges and circular marks in the wood.


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