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Sometimes, it’s not easy to get what you want when you’re painting your home. While depending on your skill level, this may be a minor inconvenience, other times, the lack of match is more severe. Here’s a valuable tip to help make sure your project goes smoothly while still meeting those difficult hues: you should consider Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne instead of chipping.

What is floor sanding?

Floor sanding is a process that involves sanding off paint and different layer on the surface of the floor to reveal a new, high-gloss finish. Some homeowners see it as an alternative to ripping up floors. However, the downside of this method is that sanding does not provide deep repair. Floor chipping, which is done with diamond grinding bits and creates a deeper depth repair for your tile or wood, should be done instead.

How is floor sanding carried out on your floor?

Instead of chipping wood flooring, you can opt for floor sanding. Floor sanding mostly consists of the application of large quantities of granular or filament wet and dry abrasives in such a way that they remove the top layer of the old finish as they ‘sand’ back and forth across it. The work is done on backing stops or skids laid out to accommodate the shape of the surface.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

Why is floor sanding better than chipping?

If you want a clean and more durable cut, sanding is the answer. Chipping will leave marks on the floor and not last as long. However, if you want to use paint or hardwood like oak or mahogany, chipping works better than sanding. If you’re only using this one surface on your floor for your project, then what type of finish do you want?

Why is floor sanding worth the money?

Initially, it doesn’t sound like the best idea to chip your hardwood floors as opposed to sanding them. However, you will notice many advantages to choosing this method. One of these advantages is that the renovations won’t need to be done as often because the floors will stay looking clean for much better lengths of time. You will also see significant savings on money spent on materials needed for renovations due to its relative ease and the shorter time it takes. It’s safer than chipping because it requires less power which means there is less danger when doing home renovation tasks such as Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne.

Simply put,

Nobody likes the sight of chipped, peeling, and worn-out flooring. If your floors need a new lustre, now is the perfect time to consider Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne instead of chipping away at them with a mop and bucket. Not only is it less expensive than basements, porches, and decks replacement, but it also saves you a lot of time by eliminating the work of mopping.